22 books in less then a week

I feel great!! I have managed 22 books in less then a week. Each book was great, I caught up in old series. And started new ones. Id have two more books if I got my hand on Rick Riordans Maximum Chase book. Got Apollos but wont read it till after I get that one.

I love reading, I love books, all genres. I love the series I read. I need to update the list to include the links but not feeling productive right now😄

Books and series loyalty

I love books, not just like, LOVE. Adore them more then I do anything else sometimes. If I had to choose between books and any other hobby. It would be books. And its not a cheap hobby either. Any book lover knows that buying books is not something that you can easily do lightly. Many a bibliophile knows that walking into a book store is a danger zone, because BOOKS.

A lot of the time if I have started a series I will read that series and wait with baited breath for the next. Id wait a long time, holding off on other books for the next.

I get invested, not in the book buying, but in the world that authors create. And even the worlds I try to create. I have often said that I love the world above everything else. You can learn so much about a person from what they write, how they write, and what their characters can achieve.

Yes some books change based off what the current market wants and needs. But they are still a sliver of the mind of someone great. A gift to all those that choose to pick it up.

I HATE pirate sites. I LOVE libraries. At one time I wanted to be a librarian. I can borrow and read anything Im missing and cant get right now. Or get started in a series that I know I will love. Books are not cheap. But they are WORTH IT. Not because they are books, but because they are worlds. They are as I said, slivers of the mind, if not slivers of the heart.

Books can have similar plots, similar stories, be full of tropes and cliches. But each book is still different. Unless its been stolen and names changed, that’s low and stealing.

Books can inspire and push those that need it. We dont always know what to do, and we havent experienced many things. But books can give us what we are missing. Knowledge of what we dont know. Guide us to be better people and find our paths. They help us create our own worlds, love our own life.

We fall in love, cry, burn with anger of a million suns, hate, we feel the pain of those we read about at times. We invest in their lives in a way the characters could never imagine, their pain is our pain, their happiness is our happiness.

Books are portals that let us live a thousand lives, a million options in the minds of others.

Great books are create by great minds. Although they dont always know it.

I love to read, I love to create, I love to write, I love to form a world that I want to share. Because I have read. The authors that I adore have pushed my mind to see imagination, love, hope and fascination with ANYTHING. And I can use that imagination to distract and have fun at ANY time. While working, eating, writing. My dreams are filled with new things because someone else has gifted it to me.

I guess I really just wanted to write more of why I love reading. Why I like writing. Now if only I could finish something.

Many Blessings!

Read for the love!

Enticing realms

Perhaps one of my favorite things about reading is the worlds. No matter how short or how long a book is. The world is what pulls me in, if I love the setting, the background, THE HISTORY. Its easy to get addicted.

I often use the basis of those worlds I love to have my mind travel to them. Not so much Inkheart but a bit more Kingdom Hearts.

When I forum rp in such worlds I make sure my characters fit the world.(world travelers are often frowned upon in normal rps).

When I talk to authors that I enjoy I often say I love their worlds. Because that is usually what stands out to me most, characters are secondary ^.^; the world is first. Although I never really find myself disliking characters. I just love world building, as well as the insight a world can give you into someones mind.

There are also some books that to me read more like someone telling a tale thats already been lived, rather then one they created. Some people to me I think have the gift to see into other worlds and tell us what happened there. Give us a insight into the realms beyond our own minds.

And when it comes to writing, and readings. The act of reading a written world. It stops being alone. Because as each person reads it that world grows. It takes place in our hearts and our minds and our own worlds, our own realms, start to sprout or evolve.


I have a world I love, one in my minds eye that has always been there. There is no story there yet, but with each book I read it grows a bit more, it becomes a little more real to me. And someday Ill write that story. But for now I read and it grows.

That world isnt alone. With what I read, learn, love, live. The hundreds of worlds in my mind, created, chronicled, or imagined. They become more vivid. Because each book is a piece of a writer, authors, or creators heart and soul. It is a piece that we take and hold onto.


I see into others minds when I read, what they have entrusted to us readers. I love nothing more then to hold a book(or kindle) to my chest and yearn for more. Always wanting more. And at times wishing, even a little bit that the author would have me in that world. What would that me be like. And then I day dream. What kind of me would be there, a world walker, a alchemist, a magician, a tamer. Would I be a human, a dragon, a shade.

I can accept these differences that are not the real me. Because no matter what my mind creates. My core never changes.

I suppose Im just rambling but some times I want to say the most whimsical and mysteries things. To make people think, remember, and above imagine. Everything is connected, you read one book and it will always stay with you, whether you remember it forever or not. Because it will always live in you.

Hopefully I will write something like what I read, hopefully I can impact someone else to be who they want. In this world or another.

Updated my read list

I feel incredibly bad both because I knew I should and the fact Ive read more then I thought. I updated my challenge page and am still working to link and post prices on the various novels. I have something that may make it easier to create reviews in a timely manner after reading the book.

May towers

The month I hope to knock out more books.

The three weeks(19 days) I spent in alaska I read 26/27 books on my phone. And before that like my previous post was I read the last two in the shifed series by Cassie Alexander. Lots of books. Knocking out the numbers for my 100 book challenge.

Nothing much going on this month other then books, work and maybe, just maybe some writing.

April chances

So March is behind us. I read far fewer books then I had planned but given that Ill be away from home for 3 weeks Im hoping to up the book number count. I got a ton downloaded to my kindle/phone and plan to bring my hardcover of Feverborn~~~~ squeeing so hard. Im so happy to have it. The first book I bought with money I earned from my job.

Im going to try and do some reviews. Or at the very least some rants about some books. I was really tempted to after reading BloodShifted and DeadShifted by Cassie Alexander I love her book series. For realsies. Nothing quiet like a paranormal world with things going kaboom.

Things feel be going up for me. Even though last week I suffered the loss of a feline companion. 16 years she had been with us. And I will dearly miss her.