100+ book challenge novel list (Updated 11/09/15)

With the new year is the start of Freda’s voice 100+ book challenge again. Thought Id keep track of the number here this time. Meaning I wont post monthly updates or such, but the complete list will be here.

If your interested in joining please check out Freda’s voice 100+ book page

January and the start


Binding Becky(Dragon Warriors book 2) by Khloe Wren $3.99

Claiming Carina(Dragon Warriors book 3) by Khloe Wren $3.99

Claiming their Mate(Pack Seduction book 1) by Stacey Espina $3.99

Burn like ice by Adonis Devereux (Evernight site exclusive, Free)

Effie at the Wedding by Tracy Marchini (Free) and child friendly

The gathering (Killian & Lyria) by Ellis Leigh $1.49

The gathering (Gideon & Kalie) By Ellis Leigh $1.49

The gathering ( Blasius, Dante & Moira) By Ellis Leigh $1.49

Sexual Awakenings(Volume 1 The Waltz) by Angelica Chase (Free)

Incubus of Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun book 6)  by Deanna Chase $3.99 (Review)

Ravished by the Ice palace Pack by Ariana Hawkes $0.99

Stuffed by the Sheik’s Caravan (Part 1) by Chera Zade $2.99

Wet for the warlock by Madison Silver $2.99

Club Scarlet (part one) by E.E. Griffin $0.99

How (Not) To Love a Hero (Cindy Eller book 7) by Elizabeth A Reeves $3.49 (Review)

Act of Mercy (An immortal world ops world novel) by Mand M. Roth $4.99

Two for One Special by Marie Carnay $0.99

Lorelei (Alpha Marked book 5) By Celia Kyle $2.99

Alessandra (Omega beginnings mini series book 1) by Lizzy Ford (Free) Child Friendly

Carpe DiEmily (Part One) by Riley J. Ford (Free)

Charred Heart (Heart of fire book 1) by Lizzy Ford $0.99

Engaged Off Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun 3.5) by Deanna Chase $0.99

King of Prey by Mandy M. Roth $3.99

BURNED (Fever book 7) by Karen Marie Moning $9.79 (Mines a hardback though)

Twas a dark and delicious christmas. Anthology with

(Santa’s Naughty List by Stacey Espino, My Boys by Amarinda Jones, A Christmas Curse by Ericka Scott, The Little Red Ribbon by A.D. Blackburn, Once Upon a Christmas Spanking by Rachel Clark, Yes Alana, There Is a Santa Claus by Seleste deLaney,Carly’s Delights by Lauren Pilla, Kingdom of Sweets by Gigi Brevard, Holly’s Clause by Kerri Nelson, Hard for the Holidays by Skylar Sinclair,The Christmas Fae by Emma Shortt, Jack Frost by Misty Burke, A Christmas Wish for Laura by Shannan Albright) $5.99


 Phantom Lovers by Marie Medina $Free (5/4/15)

Fangs, Fur and Mistletoe by Selena Blake $0.99

Paisley by Celia Kyle $2.99

Katies Hellion by Lizzy Ford $Free (5/4/15)

Their Virgin Captive by Shayla Black, Lexi Blake $4.99

Eternity by Maggie Shayne $Free (5/4/15)

Mated to the Enemy Alpha by Emma Alisyn $0.99

Chosen by the Alpha Rescued by Krista Bella $Free (5/4/15)

Unbalanced by Kate Douglas $Free (5/4/15)

Midnight Sex Shop by T.A. Grey $1.99

Believing Binda by Khloe Wren $3.99

A demon and his Psycho by Eve Langlais $2.99

Date with Death by Eve Langlais $2.99

The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan $9.37

Into the Woods by Kim Harrisson $12.59


Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison $7.59

Serpents Kiss by Thea Harrison $7.59

Oracles moon by Thea Harrison $5.99

Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison $5.99

Kinked by Thea Harrison $5.99

True Colors by Thea Harrison $2.66

Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris $4.99

Living dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris $7.59

Club Dead by Charlaine Harris $5.99

Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris $5.58


Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris $5.58

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris $5.99

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris $6.28

From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris $5.99

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris $7.59

Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris $7.59

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris $7.59

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris $5.99

Dead ever After by Charlaine Harris $5.99

After Dead by Charlaine Harris $9.99


Jasmine Plays her Hand(Fantasy Guild One) by Anwen Stiles $Free(5/4/15)

Twice the Bear fun by Cass Reynolds $0.99

Galapagos (Chased by the Dragons Book 1) by Eva Wilder $0.99

Mindo (Chased by the Dragons Book 2) by Eva Wilder $0.99

Puyo (Chased by the Dragons Book 3) by Eva Wilder $0.99

Canoa (Chased by the Dragons Book 4) by Eva Wilder $0.99

Ready to Were by Robyn Peterman $Free (5/4/15)

Fashionably Dead*The hot damned series book 1) By Robyn Peterman  $Free (8/21/15)

Chosen by the Vampire Kings (Part 1) By Charlene Harnady $0.99 Free for unlimited

Divine and Dateless (Eternally Yours book 1) By Tara West $Free (8/21/15)


Armoires & Arsenic (A Darling V alley Myster 1) By Cassie Page $free (8/21/15)

St Valentines Day Cookie Massacre (A Hatters cove Gazette Mystery) By Elisabeth Crabtree $Free (8/21/15)

Accidental Abduction By Eve Langlais $2.99

Sucking Bites(vampire of San Francisco Book 3) By Jessica McBrayer $3.99

Good to Go (Gerogie B. Goode Gypsy caravan mystery Book 1) By Marg McAlister $0.99 Free to unlimited

How to Date a Werewolf (Rylie Cruz series Book 1) By Rose Pressey  $Free(8/21/15)

Forever Charmed (Halloween LaVeau book 1) By Rose Pressey $Free(8/21/15)

Burned by Darkness(Dragons of Eternity book 1) By Alexandra Ivy $2.99

Magic in the Wind (Drake sisters Book 1) By Christine Feehan

Oceans of Fire (Drake sisters Book 3) By Christine Feehan


Dangerous Tides (Drake sisters Book 4) By Christine Feehan

Safe Harbor (Drake sisters Book 5) By Christine Feehan

Turbulent Seas (Drake sisters Book 6) By Christine Feehan

Hidden Currents (Drake sisters Book 7) By Christine Feehan

Nights Honor(Elder Race Book 7) By Thea Harrison $7.59

Midnights Kiss(Elder Race Book 8) By Thea Harrison $7.59

Artemis Fowl(Book 1) by Eoin Colfer $5.85

Blood Legacy ( VV Inn book 5) by C.j. Ellisson $4.99

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampire book 1) By Chloe Neill $7.99

Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampire book 2) By Chloe Neill  $7.99


Twice Bitteen (Chicagoland Vampire book 3) By Chloe Neill $7.99

Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampire book 4) By Chloe Neill $7.99

The artic Incident (Artemis Fowl 2) By Eoin Colfer  $6.15

The Eternity Code (Artemis Fowl 3) By Eoin Colfer $6.99

The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl 4) By Eoin Colfer $6.99

Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampire book 5) By Chloe Neill $7.99

Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampire book 6) By Chloe Neill $7.99

House Rules (Chicagoland Vampire book 7) By Chloe Neill $12.99

Biting Bad (Chicagoland Vampire book 8) By Chloe Neill $12.99

Beauty and the Werewolf (Five hundred kingdoms book 6) By Mercedes Lackey $6.49



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