Working on more then I can probably handle

So even though I adore my Belladonna, and I have so many other heroines waiting for me to dig my hands back in. It came to my attention that some place was looking for stories. Including paranormal/fantasy. And I am currently trying my hand at writing/chronololizing a world for that. I can really hope cant I. At the very least Ill get some feedback. I adore the world Im writing, its different then my usual. The Heroine might end up my steryotypical gal though. Havnt really written her out just yet.

I love naming my heroines, and this time she came up with her own name Justice. Her history is a bit more torn then most of the ladies I write. But she is just as ass kicking. Even if she prefers potions to punches. I havnt quiet figure the hero yet. Right off your introduced to a no named fellow who could be but who knows. Justice is a hard thing to pin down.


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