Considerings and Plottings

I am currently working on trying to sort out the worlds that form in my mind. Each book(series) always seems to be so much larger then Id normally imagine. A small scene evolves into a wold of complex history. I use old ideas and mix new ideas. I love each of the worlds, I could not imagine NOT doing something that lets the world be fleshed out. Problem is that I cant imagine how to flesh it out to its fullest.

My problem is too much imagination, lack of drive, character personality issues, males, unable to write romance scenes(so far), things take a life of their own and overwhelmed by the sheer mass of the world that spawns.

My good points. Imagination is great, I can make kick ass females, Histories for characters form on their own most the time. The worlds are great places. Either flows well, or really detailed. Im good with details(although they get draggy). Easily think of new stories.

I need to work on balancing the two sides. I just really need someone to give me a push every now and then I guess. I also need to figure what my writing genre.


3 thoughts on “Considerings and Plottings

  1. Madonna says:

    One of my dreams is to write a book before I die. I once had someone tell me they had a vision from God and that I would write a book so who knows. My biggest problem is that like you are, I am not driven. I can spin the story lines out in my head but they don’t seem to make it to being written. Good luck with you storywriting and thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    • Little Hawk says:

      Sorry Im such a slow poke T-T . I think for people like us we might need someone to type it for us. I can talk for hours about my books, or even what I see in my head. But it gets a bit bothersome to type it all out ever time. Not to mention editing. I have problems with my spelling and grammar. Im better at math then at english XD

  2. Hi. Thanks for the follow. It’ll come, just keep showing up to the page. Sharing some of my newbie lessons. It can take several drafts to fully flesh things out. No need to get it all out there at the beginning.

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