Random, Ramblings and Reviews. Whats up

Random + Ramblings

So not much going on except I won some fabulous giveaways and am completely involved in reading on my kindle paperwhite I won from a blog hop. The evernight book boyfriend blog hop to be exact. I also got some great books. Most not exactly children friendly but the plots are great! At least of the one I have read so far.


Ebook wins I was lucky on. I have a folder on my kindle for them. Ill try to list where I got them

From Anna Keraleigh I got Ménage a fairy -Evernight blog hop

I loved the whole fairy twists, the fights, the reasoning. I was sad during a few chunks of it. But overall it had a great plot and I was greatly pleased. What gal doesn’t like a fairy man?

From James Cox I got The Outlaw lovers – Evernight blog hop

Which I have not read yet v.v I’m procrastinating a little bit. I plan on it really I am but the number of books on my kindle keeps growing and my train of thought jumps too much to remember which ones next. But from what I have read on it, it seems like a great book!

From Adonis Devereux I got the Lotus trilogy – Evernight blog hop

Which I haven’t read v.v sorry Adonis!! Just a like the Outlaw my kindle is overloaded and so many distractions. I will read it though. And when I do I will put up a review here maybe. I’m not the best at them but I’ll make a blog with a review of all the books I have read. Seem like a great idea.

St. Charles at Dusk by Sarah M. Cradit

I haven’t gotten the chance to read this one yet. I just sent it to my kindle recently I think. . . I’ll need to check and make sure I sent it.

Translation of Love by Alice Montalvo-Tribue

I read this one already. It was adorable and cute. Even though I’m having to dig in my brain for its information because I’ve read more than 20 books in less than 3 weeks. Just reread description. THIS BOOK WAS ADORABLE!!! Oh I prefer paranormal, but this but was par-normal. It was enchanting in a manner that I find most paranormal books. Fairly whimsy yet firm. And I wanted to hit some characters. I just remembered I need to post the review I sent the author after I finished. XD I need to find what Id typed though.

Assassin’s touch by Laurie London

I love her books, and I love Assassin’s touch. I loved the plot, the magic quality that mixed with technology. This is her newest series and I can’t WAIT to get my hand on her next book.

The Athena effect and The Mackenzie Legacy by Derrolyn Anderson

I haven’t read these yet. I made the folder with all the won books so that I could keep track and read them so I could tell the author what I thought. I also won a bracelet that I ADORE. It’s so pretty I should post pics of it eventually. When I can concentrate

Bonded with love by Tiffany Heiser

This was a cute book. It’s not as adult as most of the books I read. The romance is min although I found the plot moving a bit too quickly for my taste at the start. I loved though a few of the vampire twists. And hated some of the vampire action. Its got a good balance and Id totally share it with my little sister. Although I wonder if the next one will be too mature for her.

Forbidden era by Amanda Mondoux – Bex ‘N Books

I just received this and havnt had the chance to read it yet. I will though. I’m going to try to spend the next few days just reading and rereading the books so I can share my thoughts.

Wytchfae Rune by Flossie Benton Rogers – Beastly Birthday Blog Hop

What I sent to Flossie when I finished  ‘It was unique and new in a twist, I loved the guardians and the balance they all had. I can’t stop giggling. I liked how you tied loose ends and the fact I did NOT see most of the plot coming. I had not considered some of the troubles. But the fact that it gave me the feeling that you can’t change the past, and you can’t stop the inevitable. Prophesies have a habit of coming true because once spoken they are self-fulfilling. That is how it felt with the villains verse heroes. Try as they might to stop it, they in the end were the cause of their own demise. Very nice touch.’ I’m slowly finding myself enamored by ghostly characters as well. Like the book I love by Katie MacAlister with Viking ghosts(they were too amusing).

Follow the white rabbit by Kellie Sheridan

Haven’t received this to add it to my kindle yet. Waiting for it, but cant wait to get it 😀

Physical book wins!

The Spellbound trilogy by Penelope King.

I have it sitting on my bookshelf. I’m so happy I finally have books of my own to put on my bookshelf. And the series covers are so pretty. I look forward to trying to focus on them eventually.

“The Lola Diaries: Drama Jerk” by Lulubelle Love.

Hasn’t arrived yet. I am planning on giving this a quick look and then letting my little sister(11 going on 12) have it. All of my family love books as much as video games. I think this will be a great present for her. Since she makes it a habit to be nosey on everything I get.

ARC copy of Time Thief by Katie MacAlister

By far one of my favorite wins. I got it back before my birthday(4/20) I think. And I adore it!! Oh so verily so. I posted a review on goodreads as soon as I finished it. I love Katies books and her latest series has some great twists. I cant wait to find some people who have read it and talk about it.

I won copies of No regrets, Coyote by John Dufresne and tempted into danger by Melissa Cutler. I won from goodreads! I love goodreads but there is so many good reads out there v.v. I haven’t read either yet. But I sure do plan too!!!

Misc other wins

Previously mentioned Bracelet from Derrolyn Anderson. The bracelet came with this adorable little card that I can attach it to things. Its signed and has a pic of her book The Athena Effect.

From Silk and Scandals Cassandra Dean I got a card and a magnet. I love that he signed and it. It was great to take part of her cover reveal party. I’m happiest about the stamps on the envelope(I’ve taken to collecting the envelopes) Its got a fish stamp on it and the larger stamp has penguins on a beach XD

Some swag from Angela Yseult I believe yep last name is tricky in cursive but her novels pic is on her address sticker. Really cool actually. And the stamp is a bit huge Love forever stamp. Very nice. Inside the envelope I have a sticker of three books by Kallysten(it’s a small sticker), A large card of Kallystens’s Quickening(it’s signed), a smaller card of Nicholas(its hot >.>) that has a bunch of words on the back, looks like a small card of the cover of Ward of the vampire(I love the sole red button!), a ‘sneaking a peek’ by eden summers card, ‘accidental romance’ by Jessica E. Subject card, and a card for Sara Daniel(who does Mr.Forever). Oh and a card that says Zombie Hunting Permit it’s for the I smell Sheep site. I like the statement of ‘remember to hunt in pairs’

Katie MacAlister swag I earned~ ❤ ❤ ❤ the swag and I’m going to be hush on what it is. But I will say that I got some HOT swags. Considering I keep forgetting to send out my flat Peter damnit.

A bookmark from Lubs Book Chatter. With a note from Candice. I love the paper the note is on, it has the cutest purple dragon on it.

The most recent arrival is a Minimergency kit that I got from a giveaway on http://ambitiousurbangirl.com/ . I was SO happy to win this little kit. It’s a bit smaller than I expected but it has everything I could possibly need in a mini emergency. Whether it’s just in my bag or I’m at con. Anime cons can have some interesting emergencies. And since it comes with both a sewing kit I can leave mine in the rest of my stuff. 17 little essentials, I want a larger one eventually though. Check them out http://shop.pinchprovisions.com/good-luck-minimergency-kit-p58.aspx

Ramblings that are Random

Lots of fun things and fun stuff and I know I have more on the way. Each day I wake and have a letter or a package it makes my day. It makes me feel special. I hope someday that I can give this same feeling to others. I will!! Maybe someday I can host my own giveaways. Maybe even of my own novels. If only I could finish one.

I went on a date last Tuesday. It was fun and sweet and I found out just how awkward real romance can be. Because I was so nervous I wouldn’t stop ramblings and failed at the simplest of actions *sighs* Ah well I hope I get a chance to see him again.(I feel free posting this because none of my family will see it. . . I hope)

I haven’t worked on any of my books. It’s all in my head though and each day I get more ideas. I may end up just starting a book about book ideas XD I’m going to be scrapbooking some of my swag into my scrap-book so that I have it nice and safe. Im slowly running out of steam and concentration on this thing, it has been a long while since I started typing and my foods gone cold in this time v.v Have a great day everyone!!