Been a while. Not that too many people probably read what I say. XD Ive been doing a lot of considering, from last to now. And I do realize I’m a terrible blogger, I was the same with my tumblr, and with how I now em with my dA account. I was never any good with a journal either. Oh lordies I was so terrible at keeping a journal. I love to collect them though. Neat and unique writing books I cant resist.


Lately Ive gotten my hand on an sd card and a camera that works. I took a bunch of pictures earlier of my wigs and such. I love my wigs. Apparently I look good with pink or blue hair XD my natural brown isn’t bad either but I’m not getting a brunette wig.


Havnt worked on my books lately. But I have been reading a lot. Books and blogs. I actually read something that made me realize why editors are needed. As well as made me realize Im probably an editors worst nightmare. Seeing as rereading my own book is deciphering a code to myself. Id feel bad for the person who has to edit my books.


I have gotten the urge to continue my magical one with Belledonna. And a bit towards my Game book with my lovely guild characters. Considering restarting it though. Thinking out too much makes me stop and lose interest and then the next idea appears. I mean I’m sure I could work on more then one book at a time but. . .my brain bounces so much.


Editors are translators for writers. Another thing I realized. I mean I have had and ran a few rp forums. And I always needed a co admin to help make sure others understood me because I wasn’t quiet capable of being easily understood. I love making things interesting but always a little over the top.


Anyways just thought Id put up a new blog. Maybe considering trying to do it once a week or or thrice maybe.


Till Next Time. Or TNT


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