New site stuffs and layout and what not

So boredom = randomness. I figured I was done for a week after I posted exactly a week after my last. But then I was looking through wordpress and decided I wanted a different theme. And after wandering through themes I found Mystique by digitalnature. But I wasnt happy with what it defaulted. So I started playing with it. And tried to decide which of my pictures I wanted as a background. I wanted it to be at least somewhat visible on the side. I might actually crop the current picture so it is a bit more. All pictures used for backgrounds hopefully will belong to me. Unless its a in general pic that I found online. Likely though it will be one of mine. No I am not the artist of the pictures, I however am the one who requested them. So the image is mine by creative influence?


On top of the random change. Im deep into beef jerky making territory right now for con. But its hard not to eat it all. . . . mmmm home made jerky. Family recipe thats pretty simple.



Type To you Next Time (TTYNT)


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