Kumoricon 2013





I just had to include that pic this time.


Yes in less then a week Im going to be at Kcon not that too many people probably care. People dont seem too interested in what I have to say. Which is again fine because Im doing this for myself not to please others. Hell no one knows I have this blog out of the people I know.


I wish I could say I got cosplays to wear and do fab with. But I dont. And the camera I had broke so Ill be relying on friends to take pics of what I do wear. Because as much as me wants to stay mysterious. I also love to be a show off some times. And what better time then con to straighten my spine and flaunt my happiness. There isnt any other time Im going to get to wear my corsets and floor length gowns. I love pretty things, but rarely have the chance to wear them.


Im bringing more stuff or at least more bags then usual this time. I got a bag for my shoes(only four pairs in it), my carry on suitcase of close/misc, my laptop bag and my Minion bag that I got as a Katie MacAlister minion. 😀 its a pretty great bag that I put my hair stuff in. And possibly a purse Ill bring. And a ton of sweets and food.


Last post I was working on carving and dehydrating jerky. Well I still em, finally finished the third slab of meat. Carving the fat off and cutting it to size. The last of the second slab is in the dehydrator right now. Im going to ziplock the stuff I intend to bring with me and toss it in my food bag.


I got my con staples, candy bars and gum. As well as new things. Like a bag of Werthers Caramels. I grabbed these because Ive wanted them lately. Mostly because they always remind me of good times during sad times. My grandfather used to give us them when we visited him at the hospital before he died. I can always remember the taste of them and it makes me feel his love. I got a box of poptarts for emergencie morning food.


So much to do at con but Im also working it! I met a lady that will be at con this weekend when I was at Walmart yesterday-ish.


Im spending most of the con I can with friends though. I got a gaggle of them Im sharing rooms with for con. So I have a place to sleep. It should be a blast. I have plans to try some new drinks. And the Sake tasting panel!!


Anyways Ive rambled long enough Im sure.


Talk to you Next time







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