Wisdom, Teeth, And many things

Yeaaaahhh for failing what I planned. XD keeping a weekly post and I fail epically. More then a month. Sorry to anyone who reads my blog.


So since last month nothing too much has happened. Other then I almost had my wisdom teeth removed. But in the end the dentist people said NOPE. So Im still extra wise. Ill have health care at the start of the new year. And Im seeing a Counselor/Psychiatrist for a few things and working on my schooling. Or well failing on that. Since I dont want to walk long distance to go to places. \


I havnt been working on my books much but Ive started to work on my rp sites some more. Making characters and replying to threads. I love writing, and since I know I cant always focus on books because I love having someone to idea with I do rp sites. Been since I was a early teen. Although I regret my earlier characters XD


Been reading a lot of books too. Considering writing up some reviews. But would anyone care? Hmm oh I got some more of my prizes including the one Id been waiting from C.J. Ellision. XD I was so happy. Although sad I didnt get the $50 giftcard. Ah well it is what it is.


Im not sure what else to say. Guess Ill try and do another post next week. Try and actually do my weekly, if not more then once a week.