Tragic by JA Huss Review


I have seen this book for as long as I can remember doing blog hops and entering contests. I have also been frustrated at my continuous failure to earn the book that way. Until just yesterday I came across the fact its currently for free FREE I was so happy to finally get my hands on it. You can find it below


Now onto the review. As anyone who read my previous posts knows I more prefer paranormal to slice of life of general sort of things. But I do always love a great Twist. And Tragic was just that filled with such wonderful twists and turns. Rook and Ronin where interesting characters. Rook was understandable to me, I could see her side. As well as Ronins. At first I was a bit confused at the character changes for the point of view. But I ended up getting used to it pretty fast. I LOVED Antoine he isnt major really but I just found him to be fascinating and fun. His relationship with Elise was a bit interesting as well, and I would of loved to found out more about it.

The plot for this wasnt something I really had ever read before,then again I dont usually read books with models. But this one was amusing. It was a view into the world of modeling from a different perspective then I usually see. Which is Tv and movies. And of course my own imagination. I had always found modeling interesting when I was younger, but although Im skinny enough for it, I do not have the height for it. Anyways back to the book. It made me almost wish to see the images that were being created in the studio.

Side characters like Billie and Spencer had me intrigued. Especially since it seemed Ronin wasnt a fan of them. And Clare just seemed like a prat. Characters I thought where a bit flat and annoying. Well they had well Tragic depth. It read very real life to me, because everyone has those shadows in our eyes that we might be good at hiding or not. Some are less tragic then others but tragedy is an inevitable thing. I look forward to getting the chance to to read the next in the series.

I dont really have many negatives. Except for the occasional time reading one shoot or another that I just had to put it down. Or an instance of character interactions annoying me.


I give it another four triquetras. Which I have yet to make/find a good little symbol to put here.


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