A Wizard for Christmas (The Protectors) by Dorothy McFalls Review

A Wizard for Christmas

The Protectors series

By Dorothy McFalls


.99 at time of posting




A lonely schoolteacher desperately wants a perfect Christmas. But mystical forces are threatening more than her holidays…her life is in danger. The only one who seems to know what’s going on is a handsome wizard who makes her want to add “romance” to this year’s Christmas wish list.



I did get lucky and pick this up for free, but I think its worth the near dollar its priced right now. There wasn’t much information out about the book. Usually it takes more to intrigue but I was happy I took a chance with this.

I adore the paranormal/magic in books especially coupled with romance. This I expected a sweet cut and done drama/romance but this as far from. Its an enticing and very quick read I found. I couldn’t quiet put it down when I was reading it. It left me curious and on the edge of my seat. When I thought I was getting things Id get another curveball. I really do wish I could of learned more about others and the way of things. But I was happy with the peak I got in this shorter then Id of liked book.



Holly Post: Heroine and female lead I didn’t quiet like her at the start. But I understood her reasons. Of course she is the type the seems to dig themselves a deeper whole without that intention in their actions. A train wreck in a sense. But in the end she found something that made her realize a lot about herself.

Hadrian Graham: Hero, seemingly quirky and seemingly able to read the heroine like a book. A perfect fit for Holly I thought I thought their relationship was really cute if not a bit tragic at times.


Random Ramblings on characters:

I cant really say that I would pin point Holly side kicks, or Hadrian’s side kicks. Holly does have some friends and I liked seeing the interactions with Holly and them. But overall it seemed like the person she interacted with most was Hadrian.



Cute, entertaining and seemingly quick paced. I craved more after finishing and liked the ideas of the world that they lived in. Conceptually the wizard living along side is always a great read to me. Have yet to find one I don’t like.

Again with the Holiday

4/5 Bells



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