I finally got the guts to make a post about the followers number. To be honest I never thought Id get five followers let alone twenty. And oddly it makes me very happy. While at the same time a part of the back of my brain was screaming I should delete old posts about myself and take down my picture. Protect myself in some little way. But in the end I decided to keep everything how it is. I recently took up Book Reviewing using my blog, this blog. I don’t feel Im that good but Ill get better with time surely. So far so good. Im considering one day to just open my kindle to my read books(more then 260 and counting at this moment) and review from book one forward. But Im farrrrr too lazy to do that.

I was NEVER good at the stupid book reports in school and I think perhaps if I had actually done them properly I might be a bit better at what Im doing now. But then again Im doing the reviews because I want to not because I want to be the very best. Im far too laid back to worry about the numbers of things.


However I do want to thank those that are following me XD you make me happy in all your silence. And I guess knowing I even have this few number, you make me want to do things better.


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