The Christmas Catch (Holiday brides series) by Ginny Baird, Review

The Christmas Catch

Holiday Brides

By Ginny Baird


Currently .99 at time of posting


Description/Book Blurb:

Sometimes the best gifts are unexpected…

Since the death of her military husband two years ago, single mom Christine White has struggled to get by. By throwing herself into her work as a Chicago copywriter, she’s managed to keep food on the table but has gradually lost sight of what really matters, like building a bond with her four-year-old son. When Christine’s best friend insists she spend Christmas in Vermont so she can get her life in order, Christine initially resists. Little does she know she’s in for a memorable holiday that will reignite her faith and reawaken her heart.

Bachelor professor John Steadman has given up on finding the right one. Spending time with his friends while keeping up with his job seems satisfying enough. Then one day close to Christmas, a beautiful woman from Chicago nearly runs him off the road during a snowstorm. What’s more, she’s got a kid in her car. It’s only natural that John and his trusty golden retriever want to help drag them out of a ditch and steer them toward their destination. What John doesn’t expect is that soon he’ll be hoping Christine and her son will be staying in Vermont – for more than just a little while.
Notable Achievement:

#1 Hot New Release in Bargain Books at Amazon first week.

#1 Best Seller in Bargain Books for 30+ days.
#1 Bestselling Romance Book tagged Christmas Novella.
In Top 20 books in Humor for 30+ days!
I picked this book to read from my kindle because it had Christmas in the title and I’m on a kick of them. But I do believe I grabbed this at a time it was free. But it would totally be worth 99 cents I think. This was not my usual fair seeing as this book is very PG and only had I think two kiss scenes. But what it lacked in my usual reads it made up in plot and interactions.
I was very enchanted in the sweetness of the interactions between the main male and main female. And of course her little mans interactions as well. The characters were sweet and understandable, the plot was not overly used. He eventually figured it out and did things his way to make it up. And she paved her own way in a strong way I thought. Everyone else saw it.
Christine White-
The main female lead and a overall great character I think. Very relate able if I were to imagine myself in her shoes. She seemed so very realistic to me and so it made for easy reading. I don’t think at any time I found myself wanting to smack her. Which is rare sometimes.
Tyler White-
Christine’s son he is a real little sweet heart. He actually really felt like a kid of this age. Lincoln blocks and nintendo. And his relationship with his mother grew through it.
John Steadman-
Main male and a knuckle headed fool. But he does right eventually.Ellen and Carlos-
The sidekicks and best friends of Christine and John. These two are more perceptive then people give them credit and are very amusing when in the book.
This is a good book Id suggest to new adults, old adults and normal adults alike. There is no paranormal or fantasy but the whole story was great. I felt it would be best appreciated by those that don’t expect too much drama. Since there isn’t really anyone to push up the drama. However it doesn’t leave me wanting more nor does it leave a bad taste in my mouth. It was a great adorable read. Funny and sweet but while palatable it wasn’t truly my taste I think. Sadly.
3/5 bells

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