Review~ Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Bobby Hutchinson

Are you lonesome tonight

Running Wild series

By Bobby Hutchinson


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Book Description:

(Copied from amazon page)

On the telephone, Maxine Bleckner, frazzled single mother, is India Mcbride, voluptuous sex goddess.
Left pregnant and penniless by a lying, conniving scoundrel, Maxine Bleckner has found an unorthodox way to support herself and baby Graham. Her alter-ego, India Mcbride, is excellent at phone sex. It pays the bills–at least until baby Graham begins to understand words.

Harry Watson is also a single, stay at home parent to his three year old daughter, Sophie. He’s a free lance writer, and his latest assignment is to find out what telephone sex workers are really like.

What’s India to do when a gentleman caller seems to want more than a sexy voice on the telephone?



I read the description before I read the book. I’ve had this book sitting and waiting for me to read for a while now. I just got around to it. And it was enjoyable. I had read one other book about sex phone operators or at least that had that twist see this review to learn more. But back to this book. I had prior knowledge on a bit of the phone sex industry that is used it books, if only just. I found it great that Maxine did what she had to do to survive, and Harry rather annoyed me a bit. The children in this are the true stars to me, so adorable so loveable. This book was pretty straight forward, but it also made things realistic in how the main duo reacted to each other. Even if they are both stubborn.

I was surprised that there was happily for more then one duo. And there was a few curve balls I didn’t expect and wont mention for fear of spoiling.

The book however did at times feel slow to me, or I just got annoyed and had to sit my kindle down until I could continue. I enjoyed it but it was not a huge hit. I was happy with the ending, it was a very content creating story.



Maxine/India: Main female seeking to only create a nest egg of money and make it on her own with her child. Independent to a flaw it seemed but at the same time I respect her for it. She has support but at the same time she seems the sort to try and do it herself first.

Harry/Harold: I found his reason for continuing his charade a bit annoying, but at the same time I could tell he cared for Maxine. He cared so he did what he did. I knew from the start though he was going to get caught, how could he not.

The children: Sadie and Graham were adorable through out the book. And I don’t feel it would of been the same sort of story without them.

Polly and Edna: Maxines support group pretty much. Polly is a lawyer and Edna works nights(little spoiler sorry). They help Maxine with Graham and do their best to make life nice and interesting. They are a lovely and loving duo and I feel the ending did them justice as well.



I liked the characters, the story was interesting if not a bit slow to me. I got laughs out of it, and I think I remember tear. Worth the price of the book. Great for those that like a read with a lot of good endings for the characters.



3 1/2 phonesNot quiet a four to me, but better then a neutral 3. Starting to think I should rate 1-10 instead of 1-5


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