Holidays and Books

Hey all I know its a bit late but happy holiday. Also I wanted to apologize for seeming to disapear. Or at least that’s how if felt to me. It’s not that I haven’t been reading but more along the lines that I’m not sure what I intend to do. Originally I figured Id review and maybe try and discuss the books I read. But then I realized I don’t read just any genre or level. I’m all over the place. Most of the reviews Ive done are of books that are pretty much generally ok because of lacking the more intimate scenes. And a lot of the time I don’t even pay attention to what the rating is on the books. Ive been trying to figure how I plan on organizing the differences of book types. How I should label the level of the books.

Im really terribly at this I feel. I mean I think my reviews aren’t terrible. But at the same time I always hated doing book reports in school. So why am I doing reviews. What motivates me now when I couldn’t be bothered before. Ontop of that I started without having a concrete method of what I planned on doing. So I do intend to do reviews, Im just trying to figure how to filter/categorize them here, so that people don’t read something they can’t handle. I read a ton of young adult, many of my favorite series fall under this. And I know that children get on the internet all the time. I can’t stop them from seeing reviews of more adult books. But if I could label so that they know its not safe for children. Hmm NSFC that will work. Just writing I figure out what to do. NSFC aka not safe for children, Ill add that to the header every time there is a more racy book. Im sure Ill come up with a few more things.

Again happy holidays. And if there is a book you would like to see me review, feel free to ask. I can’t say Ill do a review soon, but I can try. Also I love talking about books, I wanted to do a blog mostly to get out things I may or may not say. But in the end I know its more of I want to find people to talk to. Especially about books.


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