Book Challenge update

Wow already ten days into the new year, and ten days into the start of the 100 book challenge I joined in. Already 15 books in. I could of read more but I get distracted easily. Not a lot of kid friendly books at this time. I rather like what Im doing with my list though. I link to the amazon page for any of those that is on amazon. My NSFC is used a lot, but then again I use it any time there is even one sexy scene. Been trying to figure if I should make a heat level filter as well. So that it might help people find the ones that are just right for them. I really do like a lot of the books Ive read.

On top of the book challenge I joined I intend to do 15 or so book reviews each month. This is more a self goal to try and get myself into the gear of doing something. And Im sure Ill end up re-reading books so I can properly review them since I dont let myself wait days or read another book before I review it. Still need to work on or fix my review format. The reviews are something I want to do.

Not much going on with me that I really feel like sharing. Im seeing someone for my depression and my next convention isn’t until April. Which is when my birthday is. Which is in a lot less time then I see in my mind. 😐 I think I need to work on sorting my stuff and figuring what Im going to take to Sakuracon. Ill be rooming with friends WOOT. Although sadly I didn’t get the cosplay done I wanted to do. But Ill try and figure how to make Ruby’s outfit from RWBY sooner or later. I dont want to buy it from online due to the issues of I dont think Ill get the quality I want. When in doubt make yourself.

Anyways TT yal


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