How (not) to kiss a were bear By Elizabeth A Reeves (review and ramble)

I have followed the Cindy Eller and Goldie Locke series since they started. Of course I only started the second when I ran out of Cindy books to read. I was apprehensive Id love it as much as Cindy. But I adore them both so terribly much. So when I saw on Elizabeths facebook page of the newest book, let alone a crossover!! I was over the moon. I bought it this morning and when I actually got the chance to start it, it didnt even take two hours to devour it. I may go back and reread it. Also I can’t wait for her newest series after the little tid bit at the end. Just OMG. Lol Im such a bookie.

I just adore the world the Elizabeth portrayed. Closing my eyes and seeing it as its written. Imagining what kind of fun it would be to be there and reading the adventures of Cindy and her family. I didn’t expect what happened in this latest to happen, but I should of seen it coming. All the ducks were in a line, but I was still trying to call them Geese.


To the review


How (Not) To Kiss A Were Bear

Cindy Eller #5 / Goldie Locke and the Were Bears #4

By Elizabeth A Reeves


Price at time of posting $3.99


Book description:

A cross-over novel combining the worlds of magical baker, Cindy Eller, and her sister the unconquerable Goldie Locke.

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth, Faerie has been closed to our world. Now, many believe it is time to destroy the barrier separating the two worlds– for Faerie and the mortal world to live together once again.

The mortal Council of Magic will never allow this, despite the ever-growing mortality rate of a plague caused by the increasing deficit of Magic on our side of the barrier.

Meanwhile, Cindy Eller is learning what it takes to be a Seraphine of Faerie, while her sister, Goldie Locke, struggles to keep what’s left of her family alive and together.



Like said above I have been a fan of the Cindy Eller since I first found it, I think when the first one came out. I got it thinking it would be cute. How (not) to kiss a toad. Cute, turned into hilarious. I couldn’t of picked a cooler world at the moment I opened it. And so I became addicted. I grabbed the Goldie Locke series when it came out but was apprehensive. But once I started again I was addicted. I personally love and adore the world the Elizabeth created. The characters, the people, the magic of it. It’s a series I constantly suggest to friends. And I was sad when I had to wait for the next in the series. I’ll admit I forgot about when the next would come out so when this popped up on my facebook I jumped on it, like Fred to some meat.


Cindy Eller:  I have adored Cindy from the start of the series. Something about her baking magic and her creativity. The way its portrayed and appears in my mind.

Goldie Lockes: An enigma to me really. Im always trying to figure what she is, what she is up to, and so very much.



I adored this book as I had the rest of the series. I was happy, I was sad, I was scared for the characters and the world I was reading. I found a few expected things unexpected. And a few I expected were wrong. The ending left me wanting more so I adored the little snippet from the next series. Although it did take me a minuet to figure out who the characters where. But I LOVE this book, this world, and I look forward to seeing how it evolves. I personally would suggest this book to those that love twists, magic, true love, and the unexpected expected.



Total Five out of Five Miranda Cakes!!!!