A little lot of things, Distracting me

Ok so I get distracted from this easily. Even when I tell myself Ill do a better job of things. But I have better reasons this time for distractions. I have a lot going on this month. Today Im actually going to Vampire Masquerade Ball. Im just about ready for it too. Need to get my mask drawn on.

So this month I signed up for school. Getting my high school diploma through a local-ish college. I walk two hours a day and ride a bus for about an hour total to get to and from the place. Im working on getting my highschool diploma and considering if I want to go to college college afterwards and if I do for what. I started class last tuesday. But went in monday to get the scope of the land and ran into a bunch of friends.

This weekend is the Vampire ball. Huzzah, fun, wine, music and aerialists!! I cant wait to watch them.

Next weekend(Im leaving Wednesday though) is Sakuracon in Seattle. A convention I attend every year. And this is the first year in close to five years I will not be staffing. Im a regular attendee. So I have been trying to pull together a cosplay(had intended Ruby from Rwby). Only got pieces of it together. Still need to pack and get everything finalized.

Two weeks ago I went to a friends house for a few days. Got my hair cut/colored/and other girly things. I really enjoyed it and love my hair which is now ten or so inches shorter. A more me style of the character I was intending to cosplay.


So I have been trying to read and do intend to update my read list and write at least one review this month. But Im rather scattered. I go to school monday – thursday and then I still need to try and get everything done and eat. I need to eat more.


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