New blog colors/pictures

A blog I probably shouldn’t even post but yep I updated my blog. Been a long while since I played around with it so took me a while to figure what I needed to do to make it look right and the colors not to blanch out.

I wanted something brighter since its the winter months where I live and the dark/cold annoys me.  Found the image of my header first but chose to use a picture of the sunrise for the background. Im quiet happy with this for now. But really need to get around to making/creating some things of my own to put up.

Also more reviews to come. Ended up reading the third and fourth of the Lioness series away from computer so didnt properly review them. May have to reread and try again or I may only review the first/second of each of Tamora’s series. Missing the first two of the next series so have to wait till I have it, to review it.






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