Kindle Fire HD 7 Vrs Kindle Paperwhite

So I got a kindle fire hd 7 for christmas and felt the need to compare how both feel to me so far. I got my kindle paperwhite from a blog hop over a year ago.

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Kindle Fire HD 7 ~~~~ Kindle Paperwhite

First impressions of the new Kindle Fire HD 7 was it was extremely confusing, after I added my account to it. Already having a paperwhite I had expectations and hope it would be similar in handling. I was wrong they run vastly different.

It took me a while to learn how to get to what I wanted and where everything is. I spent a little while contacting amazon about some questions. The lady I got was kind, although a bit confused at what I was asking. I remained calm and understood it was Christmas and I was an idiot.

My biggest concern about a new kindle wasn’t books. It was my collections. I didn’t want to lose my lists and sections of books. I was considering/planning to give my paperwhite to my mother. Id need to deregister it though. After talking to the lady on the phone I did find out the answer. If I deregister on the kindle that started the collection, I will lose it. So Im looking into options that wont include deregistering. Or Ill have to remake the list and add all the books.  Yippee.

The Kindle Fire HD 7 has what Id call and really steep learning curve. I was excited for color. But took a while to figure how to get my music on it, or if I could get the MLP game app on my kindle(which I couldn’t). I found that when I checked my collections, I could no longer sort how they were presented. Which I don’t like.

The Paperwhite wasn’t as hard to get used to from what I recall. But it also has the kindle manual as one of the first things it uploads. That manual was very easy for me to read and learn from. While the help section on the Fire confused me.

With sorting options. The Fire has the same options as the paperwhite. But the paperwhite if you search will go into the books, not just the title if your looking for something.

On the paperwhite if I hold down on a book from amazon I get a page that pops up that gives me options. Including to look up the book on amazon, the x ray, and other things. However the Fire so far from what I see only lets you view your purchase on goodreads. It still has the option of collections(creating/add) and the remove. But I haven’t found the x ray yet.

The color on the Fire is amazing, I love to see the colors of the covers, and the cameras are decent I think. There is two of them one in front and one in back. The speakers so far give me nice sound although Ive only listened to music.

On the Paperwhite the docs pop up in the same area as the books. With the Fire there is a separate section they pop up. This took me a while to figure out. However docs can still be put in collections. And you can view all your docs that are on your cloud(something new)

A few other things I discovered is in the docs you can tell if the items been added to a collection already. However with books you cant tell which collections you have added it too. This I also dislike since I am nitpicky like that.

The browser on the Fire is better then the one on the Paperwhite. Due to the fact Fire has color and can use flash. While the Paperwhite cant.

The Paperwhite is a bit older then the Fire. But far simpler and a great first kindle. The backlight can be brighter or darker. I love my paperwhite. And if I could Id just get my mom her own paperwhite and keep mine in a safe place. I’am a tad of a pack rat like that.

The Fire could be a good kindle for first timers. Probably easier for them then those used to other kindles. The steep learning curve I experienced was painful and I still have a lot to learn about it to figure what I like. I have minor gripes and pout moments because I miss things I’am used to. But the fire has a lot going for it, it has more options and while it is more complex, that’s not a bad thing.

So that’s my comparison and thoughts on the two kindles.

I will probably blog about my experience with the family library when I experience it.(Its an option to let my mom read off the paperwhite, without deleting my stuff)


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