How (Not) to love a Hero (Cindy Eller #7) by Elizabeth A Reeves ~ Review ~

How (Not) to Love a Hero

Cindy Eller book 7


By Elizabeth A Reeves

Amazon US Link

$3.49 at time of posting

Book Description:

The Final Chapter in the Cindy Eller series.

Cindy’s life is split between her responsibilities in her bakery and as the Seraphine of Faerie. It’s chaotic, but she’s making it work a day at a time.

Then Cindy’s father disappears and the last thing she ever wanted to have happen is thrust upon her– she is going to be made Seraphim. Will Cindy lose everything she has worked so hard for?

And will Faerie survive her attempts to rule?


So I avoided this book for a while, because it is the final installment and I have issues letting go of characters or worlds.

I first started this series back in 2013, Ive adored and followed Cindies story(As well as her sister Goldies) since then. I looked forward to each new installment and each new set of revelations that were brought with it. This is a series dear to me that I am ALWAYS suggesting to people. The world in this series evolves along with characters.

I love strong female characters. Especially when that strength is from the heart or the will. Cindy started out as someone I saw as a flawed loose cannon. But I loved that, I loved seeing her mistakes and laughing as everything went any which way but where she wanted it. Cindy is dear to me because I could easily put myself in her shoes, I could see myself with out of control magic, and kissing men into toads. The world she lived in made all sorts of sense to me as well. Her sisters where interesting and fun as well. Im not an eldest sister but I could see things from Cindy, towards her siblings.

This book was everything I could of asked for an ending to the Cindy Era. Sad as it is I adored every step of the way. Well except for a few bumps. And If I remember, this isn’t really the end. There will be more to come from the Cindy Realm. There is so much I want to type and say about this series, but I don’t want to give too much away.

5/5 Mastadons

The rest of the series:

First Kisses and Near Misses(Short stories from the magical world of Cindy Eller) $1.99

How (Not) to Play with Magic (Cindy Prequel) FREE

How (Not) to kiss a Toad (Cindy Book 1) $2.99

Cindy Eller is a witch with a gift for creating decadent desserts highlighting the exotic and spicy flavors of her native Southwest. However, life isn’t always sweet for this magical baker. All her life she’s been cursed– every man she’s ever kissed has turned into a toad. Love isn’t likely to come her way, she knows.

If that weren’t a big enough problem, her ‘curse’ has come to the attention of the Council of Magic and she may never be able to use her powers.

Enter the perfect man– handsome, sweet, and loves food just as much as Cindy does. It would seem to be a match made in Heaven, or is it?

Cindy isn’t the only one keeping secrets.

With toads, cupcakes, romance, magic and ice cream, life never has time to get dull!

How (Not) to Kiss a Prince (Cindy Book 2) $2.99

How (Not) to Kiss a Beast (Cindy Book 3) $2.99

How (Not) to Kiss a Ghost (Cindy Book 4) $2.99

How (Not) to Kiss a Gargoyle (Cindy Book 5) $2.99

How (Not) to Kiss a WereBear (Cindy Book 6/Goldie Book 4) $3.99

Others in the Realm of Cindy:

Baehrly Begining (Prequel) FREE

Baerhly Breathing (Goldie and the Were Bears Book 1) $2.99

A spin-off of the popular Cindy Eller series.

The first book in the Goldie Locke and the Were Bears series.

It’s difficult to be taken seriously when you are a member of the Magical community and saddled with the unfortunate name ‘Goldie Locke’. It certainly doesn’t help if you are also about five feet tall, blond, and most commonly described as ‘cute.’. What was a girl to do?

Become one of the most dreaded Magical environmental lawyers of all time?

Goldie isn’t there yet, but she’s well on her way when a case drags her into uncharted territory– working with Ordinary officials to figure out why ‘unusual’ remains are being discovered all around New England.

With her hands full and a new dragon on the way, Goldie’s hunches about this case may prove to be all-too true– this stuff is bad business!

Baehrly Bitten (Goldie and the Were Bears Book 2) $2.99

Baehrly Alive (Goldie and the Were Bears Book 3) $2.99

How (Not) to Kiss a Were Bear (Goldie and the Were Bears book 4/Cindy Book 6) $3.99


4 thoughts on “How (Not) to love a Hero (Cindy Eller #7) by Elizabeth A Reeves ~ Review ~

  1. fredamans says:

    Thanks for the list of books and pricing. I grabbed a couple. Looks like a series I would enjoy too! Great review!

    • Little Hawk says:

      My way of doing reviews is slowly evolving. I more realized by reviewing later books I should set it up so that there is still mystery. And give people where to get them. I really look forward to more from Cindys world.

  2. fredamans says:

    Congrats, Skye!
    I chose you for the winner this month for the 100+ Book Challenge. The prize is an ebook $5 or less from Amazon. Choose your pick and send me the url to freda.mans[at] before February 3. 🙂

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