Believing Binda (Book 5 Dragon Warriors) By Khloe Wren ~~ Review

Believing Binda

Dragon Warriors book 5


By Khloe Wren

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Currently $3.99

Book Description:

Clan healers, Baxter and Zane, have their work cut out for them when five human women appear in the Land of Feury. They instantly recognize one of the women as their Desired, but with the other four women continually getting injured they struggle to find the time to convince Binda she’s precious to them.

Binda battles to find her place in Feury as her friends all find love with their Dragon Warriors. Convinced she doesn’t belong on Feury she sets about finding a way back to Earth. But when she attempts to leave, things don’t go as she planned…


I do not really remember if its been a year or less then a year that I won a lovely package from the author. Included in it was a book with my first introduction to the Dragon Warrior series.(also a adorable boomerang and kangaroo bag LOVE <3) It was love at first bite really. I found the world interesting and inventive. It was really pretty new twist on things to me. Well played and interestingly inventive.

I adore all the Dragon Warrior novels, Ive now read them all with this last one. They almost seem to dance with one another, Each is the womens/her mates stories. Yet in each book you can see some of the other characters. Through every bit of drama you get to see everyones perspective and how each characters story entwines with the other. Like how in our lives we are our own tales, yet our tales entwine with everyone elses. Books written in the same time frame that show that everyone, is there own hero/heroine. Or Im reading a bit much into things. Finishing this book really made my mind start thinking.

But this book is Binda and her boys tale. It plays all the incidents of the past books and then her own at the end. There was a few things that I saw coming. And I was greatly curious how she was going to end the series. Not played the way I thought, but instead how it was meant. And it is a great way to end it. Although thats a lot of women XD

5/5 Dragon Warriors

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2 thoughts on “Believing Binda (Book 5 Dragon Warriors) By Khloe Wren ~~ Review

  1. fredamans says:

    I’ll have to check this series out. LOVE dragons and if you liked all 5 books, that in itself is worth checking them out for. Great review!

    • Little Hawk says:

      They can seem a bit short at times. But they are amazing to me. Id say try the first and go from there if you enjoy them. Ive rarely found books I don’t like, although not all give me the mental philosophical juice like this one and other do.

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