The conundrum of me reviewing

If anyone has noticed, I rarely review below a four star. This isn’t because I don’t review books I dont enjoy(very few numbers) but because I rarely DON’T enjoy books. I love reading, and books and all the imagination that comes with it. Even the silliest of books tends to be a good book to me. I do however tend to review books that I really enjoy. I can count on one hand books I havent enjoyed. Even the ebola book I read in school was a good book. Although thats because one time when we were reading aloud and it was my turn I ended up getting applauded XD. At least I think that happened.

So really I will probably never review a book I don’t enjoy. Unless its a arc that I was requested to review. In which case Id hate hate hate reviewing it. But point out that while it wasn’t for me, it could be enjoyed by others far more easily then I would enjoy it.

We all have our reading quirks and habits, things we will or won’t read. Im just a little too open minded when it comes to books. I like all genres and time frames. Just the sheer imagination I can read from a book is mind blowing at times. Which is also why I like to write. Albeit I can not stand re writing things. Although Im forcing myself to for one of my books.

I guess more then anything I just wanted to post a blog post about the fact that I am a little easy to please. But just because I enjoy a book, or love a series with this nature. It doesn’t mean its not a good series. I read like crazy, and most everything I read I finish.

Anyways Im hoping to get another review up. Haven’t figured which book on my list is going to start up that need. But I bought some new great ones so its going to be fun. At the end of the month I will be adding all the books I read this month to my Freda’s 100+ book list that you can find just above ‘About me’ to the right. Already 1/4 through, but I look forward to seeing how far I can read this year. 250 last year kinda wanna break that.


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