To lose the time

I really had been hoping not to do what Ive done. Lose track of time, let myself slip from what I wanted and what I was trying. I still havent updated my read list. I havent read much in the last few weeks. I had my Sakuracon event. My birthday is coming up soon this month too. I turn 25 sheesh half way to 30 and I start feeling depressed.

I haven’t read a new series lately. Think I series myself out with the Sookie stackhouse one. WHICH I LOVED. I thought I might be interested in the tv series because of it. But I read the overview of the seasons and found myself disgusted. Im a stick in the mud a stickler a lot of the time for plots and such. I nit pick like ninnie and find myself over analyzing things. So I decided against watching the Tv series.

Another distraction Ive had lately is DnD Ive finally been able to play. And found myself in a hilarious sitch of dealing with a party of a Rogue(Mine), a Bard and a Cleric. But so far we have managed plenty, albeit a lot of people died(not our fault), and a poor dire weezle was heartbroken over the death of its beloved owner. T.T poor weezle.


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