Good to Go (Gypsy Caravan Mystery) by Marg McAlister ~~~~Review

Good to Go

Gypsy Caravan Mystery


By Marg McAlister

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Book Description:

Georgie B. Goode hadn’t realized that she was ready to rebel—not until she uttered a very decisive “NO” and had the rest of her family staring at her in shock. Her father, founder of the enormous Johnny B. Goode RV Empire, couldn’t believe it. What was going on with his daughter? Every year until now she had done what he asked: picked out a late-model motorhome for herself ready to showcase it at his giant RV Expo.

A late-model motorhome just doesn’t do it for Georgie. Her first love is the tiny retro travel trailer and vintage van division of her father’s empire…but he and her brother Jerry think she’s crazy wanting to build it up. They deliberately don’t make it easy for Georgie.

She takes to the road to prove she can live and travel in a vintage gypsy caravan, and meet her father’s outrageous sales targets as well. What she doesn’t count on is her great-grandmother Rosa’s determination that she should carry on the family gypsy tradition of fortune-telling on the road.

What with brother Jerry’s conniving tricks, her father’s unreasonable demands, and dozens of people flocking to her vintage van to have their fortunes told… Georgie really does wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew. And somehow, she has to figure out what the crystal ball is trying to tell her before Kaylene hooks up with a guy who is oh so wrong for her!

Initial thoughts:

Honestly I thought it was going to be cute, but unassuming. I’ve read plenty of food based mysteries with a seclure location that never changes. So I thought this would be interesting and different but I didn’t expect too much from it. I liked the gypsy play with things, and the crystal ball. It was intriguing and unassuming.


With the thought it was going to be unassuming I was pleasantly surprised. This is a intriguing and nice story, yes nicer then I expected. I liked how Georgie worked to get what she wanted, how her father is portrayed as doting but not as spoiling his children. And I absolutely ADORED her great grandmother, even though she didn’t have a whole lot in the story.

I found myself wanting the same sort of thing Georgie had, especially her crystal ball. It portrayed magic in a way Ive rarely read in books before. It is balanced well with the story and her actions. Its not all magic, and its not like the magic or psychic readings are a second thought. Its very well done in my opinion.

Georgies brother annoyed me, but from the reading I found myself seeing why he does what he does. All the characters seem to have that with them. Well done and reasonably realistic.

Overall I liked this book and wish I had the rest of the series already.

4/5 Crystal balls

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The St. Valentine’s day Cookie Massacre(Hatter Gazzete Mystery) By Elisabeth Crabtree ~~ Review

The St. Valentine’s day Cookie Massacre

Hatter Cove Gazette Mystery book 1


By Elisabeth Crabtree

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Book Description:

It’s Valentine’s Day in quiet, cozy Hatter’s Cove, Florida and food columnist, Kat Archer, has been assigned the event of the year, the grand opening of Miss Dolly’s Cookie Jar and Sweets Emporium.

What begins as a run of the mill, albeit tasty, assignment turns into something much more dangerous when one of the Cookie Jar’s employees is poisoned.

Now Kat is chasing the biggest story of her life, while trying to catch the eye of her handsome editor and avoid becoming the killer’s next victim.

Initial Thoughts:

I actually bought this a while ago, before the start of this year but never got to it till now. Initially before reading I thought it was interesting. Like my last book it was a mystery. From the descriptions I was expecting the employee to end up dead during the grand opening.


I liked this book, it was relaxing for me again. However I couldn’t quiet put the mystery puzzle pieces together until the very end. Which I really liked. A lot of things made sense, a lot of things seemed to continue to move this and that way leaving me on my toes.

There wasn’t an extreme level of drama, although there was a good sense of ‘whats next’. Leaving me wondering what would happen with each new nugget of information. And when I thought everything was figured out the ending was a bit of a shocker for me. This book made me think, there wasn’t a chunk of romance and the entire thing made sense. I enjoyed this book a lot.

4/5 Hatter Meatoaf

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Armoires and Arsenic(A Darling Valley Cozy Mystery book 1) by Cassie Page ~~~Review

Armoires and Arsenic

Darling Valley Cozy Mystery Book 1


By Cassie Page

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Book Description:

What would you do if you sent a $30,000 piece of furniture out for repair and it came back with a deadly package inside?

That’s the dilemma facing Olivia M. Granville, OMG to her friends and foes, as though the award-winning architect, interior designer and antiques dealer didn’t have enough on her hands.

Olivia, a transplanted Los Angeleno, is the newest resident of Darling Valley, a picturesque town just outside of San Francisco and home of the DV Bills, as Olivia calls the largest concentration of billionaires anywhere in the country. Like the Astors and Rockefellers of old who outdid each other building humongous summer cottages in Newport, the DV Bills outdo each other with eye-popping piles of sticks stuffed with museum quality art hidden in the Marin hills. It was Olivia’s plan to make a killing decorating them.

What Olivia liked best about moving to sleepy Darling Valley from LA was the absence of crime. No worrying about parking her car on a side street because it might get stolen. Nobody slipping sticky fingers into her purse and lifting her wallet while an accomplice distracted her at the sale rack at Neiman’s. Not having to trip over a dead body blocking the doorway of her office building while the LAPD took their sweet time locking down the crime scene. But the best part of living in Darling Valley was never having to find herself sitting across from Brooks at a dinner party while he romanced his new girlfriend and referred to Olivia as a client.

What she hated about Darling Valley was the 400 miles between its pristine mansions and gritty but happening LA. Not far enough to save her from becoming Detective Gurmeet Richards’ lead suspect in a killing of a different kind. Yes, that’s Detective Richards of the devastating velvety eyes.

Olivia should have remembered the advice her tea-leaves reading friend, Tuesday, gave her before she left LA. You get what you resist.

Watch what happens when Olivia and Tuesday get to work proving her innocence amid the opulence and deception of her, idyllic but deadly new home.

Initial Impression:

Ive been in a reading rutt it seems but this one seemed interesting. I liked the cover. And the fact it was currently free was a good enough reason to grab it. Especially after I read the description. It was interesting although it didn’t jump out at me as being comedy. Which I was ok with.


Armoires and Arsenic was interesting and the plotline dealing with the culprits was not initially easy to put my finger on. The story wasn’t a slapstick comedy which I figured it wouldn’t be. But it was interesting and I liked a large number of the characters. I did of course jump to some conclusions which were always dashed. But I am the sort to assume more of a simple situation. Albeit the thefts I didnt quiet get till the end. It all made sense in the end. ThIs book I couldn’t put down, more like I didn’t want to. It wasn’t quick paced but it was a nice read. Exactly what I needed. It was rather relaxing for a mystery murder series.

4/5 Armoires(no bodies inside)

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