A mild update on 100+ book list and stuff

So I finally got around to updating my list with the books Ive read. 7. . . . 7 books in four months. I feel a little like I failed I thought Id read more. But then again Ive been really involved in a few other things and distracted which probably didnt help. So Im more then half way to the 100 but no where near what I read last year which does upset me. I realize though that Ive read a lot of the books that really interested me and were really quick to read. Leaving ones that entice me but take a bit longer. So Ive decided to reread series I havent read and may of not finished. Im on Christine Feehans Seven sister series right now. Its fun to revisit old books. Gonna see what else the library will lend me.

Ive got my anime convention coming up. And then the end of October another one. So many things to plan.


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