The Drake sister series By Christine Feehan~~~ Review

The Drake Sister Novels 1, 3-7


By Christine Feehan

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Currently $38.99 (I borrowed from the e LIbrary)

Book Description:

Meet the elementally gifted sisters of Sea Haven—and discover why #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan is known as the “reigning queen of paranormal romance” (Publishers Weekly)—in this collection of five full-length novels plus a novella.
Magic in the Wind
Oceans of Fire
Dangerous Tides
Safe Harbor
Turbulent Sea
Hidden Currents

Previous thoughts:

I remember starting this series years and years ago. Back when I was reading the Carpathian and the first few Dark Hunter books in school. Id bring them with me obviously. I remembered bits and pieces of the world that is the Drakes Realm. Id found it mesmerizing and interesting. Especially since Im from a group of seven myself. Their home and their town and the way they found their love brought warmth.

The Re Read info:

So The first few were re reads. Even though on the third book I got confused because the second book was missing from the bundle and I didnt catch that on all the early. But thats ok. Ill have to borrow that and do a review on it later. I love love love the magical world of the Drakes. Their house is so amusing and cool. How it changes and fights with them. And how it always makes them welcome. I loved reading the womans adventures to find their partner.

Thats one thing I adore about this series. They dont want to find their men, but they find them anyways. And they dont become a couple or let their guys take control. No they are Partners. They each fit to the other like a glove.Their experiences, their pains, their trials. Each thing no matter how nice or how horrible had a cause in creating the who they needed to be. On both sides male and female. So that they could be their perfect balance.

The last book really got me, Elles adventure was the one I wanted to read the most. Albeit Jolies is the one I loved most. XD I adored how in each book I seemed to learn more about the girls and their men. Its like opening a present with layers of wrapping. Each time you tear you see more of the truth, discover more of their layers. And it makes them so much more human. Their trials, their pains, their success and love. Its all very realistic to me.

Totally A 7/7 Drake sisters

Separate Links for the Sisters Including book 2

Magic in the wind(Book 1) $2.99

Twilight before Christmas(Book 2) $7.49

Ocean of Fire(Book 3) $7.62

Dangerous Tides(Book 4) $7.59

Safe Harbor(Book 5) $7.59

Turbulent Sea(Book 6) $7.59

Hidden Currents(Book 7) $7.99

Others from the Drake Realm:

Water Bound(Sisters of the Heart Book 1) $7.59

Spirit Bound(Sisters of the Heart Book 2) $7.59

Air Bound(Sisters of the Heart Book 3) $7.59

Earth Bound(Sisters of the Heart Book 4) $5.99

Christine Feehan Amazon page


2 thoughts on “The Drake sister series By Christine Feehan~~~ Review

  1. I am also one of seven siblings 🙂
    Sounds like a great series! Fantastic review!
    Freda’s Voice

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