Fair February  a time of chance

A lot of people embark on a time of change and pushing forward in January. New Years sets forth the goals. But far often people falter by the end of the month. Since too often they choose to do something they hate. Or something that makes them feel worse about the person they were the previous year.

There has been years Ive done that. Ive rarely actually manage to complete many of my goals. Because far to often I over shoot, or I give up on myself.

January is the time of Vision. While February is Change. I used January to set out and decide what I wanted to do. While February, this month, Im actually working on it.

I have a job interview, I have goals and ideas to work this out. And I have dreams. And for once it feels right.

I also have a new laptop >.> my old one died just after I switched over to the new XD motherboard died.

New Year, New You, but that doesnt mean you leave the old behind. Change is good, but dont push yourself beyond what you can do. And NEVER change because its what someone else wants. Goals and all the things that lead to your desires. Should be because you desire it and decide to do it yourself.

Over a year ago I graduated Highschool through a college. That was my choice, and I was never happier. My desires are my choice. And while at times I will be lost and not know what to do. I now believe that when I dont know, its ok to ask. And the same applies to everyone. There is always someone who can point you in the correct direction. If only you ask.