April chances

So March is behind us. I read far fewer books then I had planned but given that Ill be away from home for 3 weeks Im hoping to up the book number count. I got a ton downloaded to my kindle/phone and plan to bring my hardcover of Feverborn~~~~ squeeing so hard. Im so happy to have it. The first book I bought with money I earned from my job.

Im going to try and do some reviews. Or at the very least some rants about some books. I was really tempted to after reading BloodShifted and DeadShifted by Cassie Alexander I love her book series. For realsies. Nothing quiet like a paranormal world with things going kaboom.

Things feel be going up for me. Even though last week I suffered the loss of a feline companion. 16 years she had been with us. And I will dearly miss her.