Favorite authors

We all have them, some more then others. Although I will read through a authors cache of published novels and buy up the opportunities for the novellas when they appear. Short stories with a short expiration date. Such as the Anita Blake short story released during the governmental closure. Or the short stories Thea Harrison releases to continue her tale of Peanut(totally adorable).

I fall in love with the worlds created by authors. Its not often the characters that pull me, but the realms. I’ve talked about this before I think, and I love talking about it repeatedly in real life.

I recently got my hands on a old favorite. I had long forgotten the specifics of the series but I knew I loved them. Tamora Pierces Circle of magic series. One I told myself I WOULD OWN. And I’ve started on that path. I have one and four of the first series, and the fourth of the second. I borrowed all the books from the digital library though. All of the first and second series. I even reread her Torall series, Song of the Lioness and the Wild Magic series. Looking to get my hands on protectors of the small and waiting on my hold for The will of the Empress. Got to get my hand on the Tortall short stories. I am a bit amazed though realizing a tie I had never considered before.


Minor spoiler, in a book a person gets turned into a tree. And its explained that a balance must be kept, what you do, the reverse will occur somewhere. As such a tree became a person. I remember reading that tale of the tree turned mortal. I had never realized the tie.


Im not one for rereading series either. But I realize that if I have forgotten a great deal its worth to reread. And I may reread the books again sometime sooner. Because to me this is a series I learn new things each read.

I remember once reading that the Song of the Lioness series was originally going to be a one shot adult novel. I’m happy that it wasn’t though. Although I’m not really sure that these novels are ‘young adult’ books anymore. But I would suggest them in a heart beat.

Strong female characters, Male characters that hold their own. The change a person undergoes to obtain their dreams or to grow into themselves. The world is one that wouldn’t get old either. Its not like urban books where you will have things lost with time. These books to me are timeless. A must read.

And they aren’t just ‘medieval’ novels. Set in a time passed. No they are a realm of their own. In the Circle series I read a very advances scientific thing they used magic to replicate.


AND THE CREATIVITY. I have always loved new twists to old things, or new ways to play old funs. The way she plays magic in both books, the differences in the aspects and interpretation. Not to mention the original sorta magics that you don’t normally see. Its breath taking to me. I adore the creativity that helped me forge my own.



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