GAAAHHH Nugget munchers

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So Im a terrible blogger(but hey I joined bloglovin). Id already figured this in past since Im pretty damn lazy on good days. Not to mention I havnt touched my books in a LONG time. Like since my last blog long. *sighs* Not my best decision. I really do want to work on it, but Im a social writer. I like to talk about what I write in order to keep working on it. But. . . I dont have anyone to talk to. I know Ive read about some authors/writers and such joining writing groups. Trusted people that they talk to and help look over as a group.

But I dont know where to find these groups. Or if I can find one that Ill fit in with. I tend to be really shy starting out. I can be a bit overbearing when Im comfortable too, and annoying. Dont suppose anyone knows where I can find a circle or group? I mean I got so many ideas to write, so many characters I could create. But. . . I want to be a part of something as I write.

I suppose I want friends. Im a lonely girl really. I always want to make friends and share with those friends. Even when it feels like Im being narcissistic and self centered. Cause I feel no matter what I say ends up being about me 😐 . And not because I try to do it either. But to make some good writing friends. Most of my friends at the moment dont write anything but fanfiction. And Ive never been all that good at writing fanfiction. Mostly because I dont write others characters well. At least I dont think I do.

I mean I am an active and avid Rper. Forum based. Lovely oodles of paragraphs of character interactions. Mine with others. Which fueled my considerations of trying to find a co writer. But Im not sure on my writing when its just mine, how does one even find a co writer. How do co writers write with each other?

So many things I dont understand. Things I could never figure. . . I dont know.