Since the Last And Questions/Ideas

Ahh wow its been a few weeks since my last post but you know what Im not too bothered. Im not even sure anyone’s caring too much to read this. Kumoricon was fun and I got pictures!!! I put on my favorite dress and had the pictures snapped. I have a favorite. I love the lighting, the way it makes my dress shimmer. And the fact I look a bit elfish even though I dont have pointed ears 😀


Cant see my sparkly shoes in it but then again I dont care. Its a great pic that I feel like sharing. Kinda regret putting my shoulders forward, it does nothing for me.

Been considering if I should try book reviews. I read plenty and I mean PLENTY. Im up to close to 200 since April. Some are novelette or short stories. But still 200 is a big number, and thats just the kindle books. I have read a number of paperback books as well.

Im probably going to work on a master list of things Ive won. Just so I know. Not a list for here although I think I might start doing the occasional lucky lucky won this post. . . maybe.

I might post more pictures from con. Maybe I should do a con review. . . oh so many random ideas.

Later taters. Till Next Time.