Bad me is bad

So Ive been awfully distracted as of late. Aka most of the month. I still need to update my read list. Ive read through the entire Sookie series, Thea Harrisons Elder Race series and Im planning to start a new series soon. Going to try and read some other books first though. Too many series in a row makes me feel rather meh about books.


March Madness(Almost literally)

Ok so I havent been in the right frame of mind, or really capable of making a blog recently. My family went through a very quick sorta vicious move from one place to another. And we are still working on unpacking and things. My siblings were just put into schools. I will update my list of books as soon as I am able.

Thinking about books I just got a library card~ with the ability to download books lent to me for 21 days before they disappear. So I can read/review some of my old favorites. Im currently reading The King by JR Ward as well as another book. I finished Four graphic novels. Clockwork Angels, The first book in the fire/witch series. One about Sherlock Holmes Neice who is very much like her uncle. As well as Patricia Briggs Homecoming graphic. I intend to get/acquire many graphic novels from my favorite series. Viva la book love ❤

More updates and reviews this month hopefully~.