Holidays and Books

Hey all I know its a bit late but happy holiday. Also I wanted to apologize for seeming to disapear. Or at least that’s how if felt to me. It’s not that I haven’t been reading but more along the lines that I’m not sure what I intend to do. Originally I figured Id review and maybe try and discuss the books I read. But then I realized I don’t read just any genre or level. I’m all over the place. Most of the reviews Ive done are of books that are pretty much generally ok because of lacking the more intimate scenes. And a lot of the time I don’t even pay attention to what the rating is on the books. Ive been trying to figure how I plan on organizing the differences of book types. How I should label the level of the books.

Im really terribly at this I feel. I mean I think my reviews aren’t terrible. But at the same time I always hated doing book reports in school. So why am I doing reviews. What motivates me now when I couldn’t be bothered before. Ontop of that I started without having a concrete method of what I planned on doing. So I do intend to do reviews, Im just trying to figure how to filter/categorize them here, so that people don’t read something they can’t handle. I read a ton of young adult, many of my favorite series fall under this. And I know that children get on the internet all the time. I can’t stop them from seeing reviews of more adult books. But if I could label so that they know its not safe for children. Hmm NSFC that will work. Just writing I figure out what to do. NSFC aka not safe for children, Ill add that to the header every time there is a more racy book. Im sure Ill come up with a few more things.

Again happy holidays. And if there is a book you would like to see me review, feel free to ask. I can’t say Ill do a review soon, but I can try. Also I love talking about books, I wanted to do a blog mostly to get out things I may or may not say. But in the end I know its more of I want to find people to talk to. Especially about books.


Review~ Bah, Humbug! by Heather Horrock

Bah, Humbug!

A Christmas Street Romantic Comedy Novella

By Heather Horrock


Price at time of posting FREE


Book Description:

Lexi Anderson is an up-and-coming, Martha Stewart-type TV hostess whose two kids love the Jared Strong adventure novels, which happen to be written by their new neighbor, Kyle Miller.

For the first time in his writing career, Kyle has writer’s block–until he sees the snowman on his lawn and realizes it’s the perfect solution to his plot problem. He digs in and discovers two things: one, his villain’s weapon will fit inside a snowman’s body, and two, this particular snowman was supposed to be the backdrop for Lexi’s next show.

From this improbable beginning comes friendship, but can there be a happy ending for a woman who is afraid to get close again and a man who has shadows from his childhood?

Families join together and hearts are healed as this couple goes walking in a winter wonderland.



I acquired this book a while ago and took my time getting to it. Which I regret a bit because it was an adorable read.

I loved the totally original way to meet for the duo. The characters where intersting and thought out I thought. Even the family which my heart went out to over their tragedies and such. Were great. And Alexi’s wee ones where so adorable and happy. This was a good comedy, I found myself laughing but it was also such a drama. There was a darkness I didn’t expect when reading something like a comedy.



Kyle Miller- Slayer of snowmen and creator of twists. A children author who can be a bit haughty and scrooge. But with reasons I understood.

Alexis Anderson- Otherwise known as Lexi, she is a up and coming Martha S. of the novel. She makes the scrooge see the christmas present, past and future in how I see this book.

Trista and Steven- Alexis children and really help to bring this book together. They are really quiet lovely happy children and know what they want for themselves and their mom.

Keefe, Kenneth, Kelly Miller- Kyle’s family and a posse of near to be scrooges, if Alexis doesn’t step in



Great read, like in thoughts darker at times then I expected. Had me tearing up with tears of heartache and pain. But had me laughing at the same time. It brought you down low, and lifted you right back up. Leaving off at the best ending for this story. And for free~

Novella number 2 Kissing Santa is at $2.99

I would totally get it if I could, but can’t at the moment.



8/10 Sleigh bells

Would reread even.

Review~ Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Bobby Hutchinson

Are you lonesome tonight

Running Wild series

By Bobby Hutchinson


Currently at time of posting  $3.98


Book Description:

(Copied from amazon page)

On the telephone, Maxine Bleckner, frazzled single mother, is India Mcbride, voluptuous sex goddess.
Left pregnant and penniless by a lying, conniving scoundrel, Maxine Bleckner has found an unorthodox way to support herself and baby Graham. Her alter-ego, India Mcbride, is excellent at phone sex. It pays the bills–at least until baby Graham begins to understand words.

Harry Watson is also a single, stay at home parent to his three year old daughter, Sophie. He’s a free lance writer, and his latest assignment is to find out what telephone sex workers are really like.

What’s India to do when a gentleman caller seems to want more than a sexy voice on the telephone?



I read the description before I read the book. I’ve had this book sitting and waiting for me to read for a while now. I just got around to it. And it was enjoyable. I had read one other book about sex phone operators or at least that had that twist see this review to learn more. But back to this book. I had prior knowledge on a bit of the phone sex industry that is used it books, if only just. I found it great that Maxine did what she had to do to survive, and Harry rather annoyed me a bit. The children in this are the true stars to me, so adorable so loveable. This book was pretty straight forward, but it also made things realistic in how the main duo reacted to each other. Even if they are both stubborn.

I was surprised that there was happily for more then one duo. And there was a few curve balls I didn’t expect and wont mention for fear of spoiling.

The book however did at times feel slow to me, or I just got annoyed and had to sit my kindle down until I could continue. I enjoyed it but it was not a huge hit. I was happy with the ending, it was a very content creating story.



Maxine/India: Main female seeking to only create a nest egg of money and make it on her own with her child. Independent to a flaw it seemed but at the same time I respect her for it. She has support but at the same time she seems the sort to try and do it herself first.

Harry/Harold: I found his reason for continuing his charade a bit annoying, but at the same time I could tell he cared for Maxine. He cared so he did what he did. I knew from the start though he was going to get caught, how could he not.

The children: Sadie and Graham were adorable through out the book. And I don’t feel it would of been the same sort of story without them.

Polly and Edna: Maxines support group pretty much. Polly is a lawyer and Edna works nights(little spoiler sorry). They help Maxine with Graham and do their best to make life nice and interesting. They are a lovely and loving duo and I feel the ending did them justice as well.



I liked the characters, the story was interesting if not a bit slow to me. I got laughs out of it, and I think I remember tear. Worth the price of the book. Great for those that like a read with a lot of good endings for the characters.



3 1/2 phonesNot quiet a four to me, but better then a neutral 3. Starting to think I should rate 1-10 instead of 1-5

Review~ Tis the Season: A Collection of Mimi’s Christmas Books By Mimi Barbour

Tis the Season: A Collection of Mimi’s Christmas Books

By Mimi Babour


Price at time of posting  $3.99



Has the below Christmas Stories

She’s Not You – 2013 Christmas Romance is about a young mother, sick and alone, who gets a helping hand from a stranger. Our hero doesn’t need another woman like his sister who takes advantage of his good nature…or does he?

Together for Christmas – 2012 Christmas Romance is about a sweet-hearted do-gooder whose spirit travels into the body of a grumpy workaholic. He has no time for such things as Christmas. Ahhh, she needs many chores done in time for the holidays. Since there’s no one else but him to help her, something has to give.

Loveable Christmas Angel – 2012 Christmas Romance is about a young woman who travels to Hawaii on a quest to find an aunt and ends up with a small boy to care for and a wealthy hotel owner she can’t forget. Thank goodness a loveable angel is on hand to make the magic happen.

Christmas Runaway – 2011 Christmas short story is about a runaway teen who’s lost in a snow storm until a lone woman chasing after her dog rescues her. When her father stumbles upon them, it’s a romance even the cold can’t douse.



I actually have forgotten when I got this story pack. And I didn’t remember the descriptions put on the amazon page even while I read. I knew it was a collection of several stories but I didn’t know about what. I however knew that I always enjoy Mimi Bardours books. So I went into this with optimism. And I wasn’t disappointed. Each story was different but connected int he sense that it was Christmas in the end that brought the main duo together.

The first story Christmas Runaway was a great start off for me. I really liked the main female character and the way things went for her. And it made me happy she wasn’t really left alone in the end.

The second story Loveable Christmas Angel had me in such tears!!! Oh my heart it almost couldn’t take it. The ending left me utterly flummoxed and surprised. But I adored it all the same. I hadn’t been expecting the twist that happened but I was so touched it went the way it did. Although I wish I could see what happened next.

The third story Together for Christmas had my head twisting. I mean even with the twist of the second story I wasn’t expecting what happened in the third to happen. It was amusing though and quiet interesting. I felt heart ache for the duo and the elation when things worked out in a decent enough way.

The last story She’s Not You had me on the edge of my seat really. I adored the entire set up of it and was elated how simple things seemed to work for them. Until of course the guy screws it up. Several times. But in the end I very much enjoyed the ending for it and em happy all around.



This bundle of books was a real hit with me. Id suggest it to anyone looking for some good holiday heart achy cheer. They brought me to tears a few times and so prepare tissues especially for the second one!!



4 1/2 out of 5 Holiday bells

Sorry I really wanted to give this five but in the end I just couldn’t but it does deserve all the credit it can get. Worth the price!






I finally got the guts to make a post about the followers number. To be honest I never thought Id get five followers let alone twenty. And oddly it makes me very happy. While at the same time a part of the back of my brain was screaming I should delete old posts about myself and take down my picture. Protect myself in some little way. But in the end I decided to keep everything how it is. I recently took up Book Reviewing using my blog, this blog. I don’t feel Im that good but Ill get better with time surely. So far so good. Im considering one day to just open my kindle to my read books(more then 260 and counting at this moment) and review from book one forward. But Im farrrrr too lazy to do that.

I was NEVER good at the stupid book reports in school and I think perhaps if I had actually done them properly I might be a bit better at what Im doing now. But then again Im doing the reviews because I want to not because I want to be the very best. Im far too laid back to worry about the numbers of things.


However I do want to thank those that are following me XD you make me happy in all your silence. And I guess knowing I even have this few number, you make me want to do things better.

The Christmas Catch (Holiday brides series) by Ginny Baird, Review

The Christmas Catch

Holiday Brides

By Ginny Baird


Currently .99 at time of posting


Description/Book Blurb:

Sometimes the best gifts are unexpected…

Since the death of her military husband two years ago, single mom Christine White has struggled to get by. By throwing herself into her work as a Chicago copywriter, she’s managed to keep food on the table but has gradually lost sight of what really matters, like building a bond with her four-year-old son. When Christine’s best friend insists she spend Christmas in Vermont so she can get her life in order, Christine initially resists. Little does she know she’s in for a memorable holiday that will reignite her faith and reawaken her heart.

Bachelor professor John Steadman has given up on finding the right one. Spending time with his friends while keeping up with his job seems satisfying enough. Then one day close to Christmas, a beautiful woman from Chicago nearly runs him off the road during a snowstorm. What’s more, she’s got a kid in her car. It’s only natural that John and his trusty golden retriever want to help drag them out of a ditch and steer them toward their destination. What John doesn’t expect is that soon he’ll be hoping Christine and her son will be staying in Vermont – for more than just a little while.
Notable Achievement:

#1 Hot New Release in Bargain Books at Amazon first week.

#1 Best Seller in Bargain Books for 30+ days.
#1 Bestselling Romance Book tagged Christmas Novella.
In Top 20 books in Humor for 30+ days!
I picked this book to read from my kindle because it had Christmas in the title and I’m on a kick of them. But I do believe I grabbed this at a time it was free. But it would totally be worth 99 cents I think. This was not my usual fair seeing as this book is very PG and only had I think two kiss scenes. But what it lacked in my usual reads it made up in plot and interactions.
I was very enchanted in the sweetness of the interactions between the main male and main female. And of course her little mans interactions as well. The characters were sweet and understandable, the plot was not overly used. He eventually figured it out and did things his way to make it up. And she paved her own way in a strong way I thought. Everyone else saw it.
Christine White-
The main female lead and a overall great character I think. Very relate able if I were to imagine myself in her shoes. She seemed so very realistic to me and so it made for easy reading. I don’t think at any time I found myself wanting to smack her. Which is rare sometimes.
Tyler White-
Christine’s son he is a real little sweet heart. He actually really felt like a kid of this age. Lincoln blocks and nintendo. And his relationship with his mother grew through it.
John Steadman-
Main male and a knuckle headed fool. But he does right eventually.Ellen and Carlos-
The sidekicks and best friends of Christine and John. These two are more perceptive then people give them credit and are very amusing when in the book.
This is a good book Id suggest to new adults, old adults and normal adults alike. There is no paranormal or fantasy but the whole story was great. I felt it would be best appreciated by those that don’t expect too much drama. Since there isn’t really anyone to push up the drama. However it doesn’t leave me wanting more nor does it leave a bad taste in my mouth. It was a great adorable read. Funny and sweet but while palatable it wasn’t truly my taste I think. Sadly.
3/5 bells

A Wizard for Christmas (The Protectors) by Dorothy McFalls Review

A Wizard for Christmas

The Protectors series

By Dorothy McFalls


.99 at time of posting



A lonely schoolteacher desperately wants a perfect Christmas. But mystical forces are threatening more than her holidays…her life is in danger. The only one who seems to know what’s going on is a handsome wizard who makes her want to add “romance” to this year’s Christmas wish list.



I did get lucky and pick this up for free, but I think its worth the near dollar its priced right now. There wasn’t much information out about the book. Usually it takes more to intrigue but I was happy I took a chance with this.

I adore the paranormal/magic in books especially coupled with romance. This I expected a sweet cut and done drama/romance but this as far from. Its an enticing and very quick read I found. I couldn’t quiet put it down when I was reading it. It left me curious and on the edge of my seat. When I thought I was getting things Id get another curveball. I really do wish I could of learned more about others and the way of things. But I was happy with the peak I got in this shorter then Id of liked book.



Holly Post: Heroine and female lead I didn’t quiet like her at the start. But I understood her reasons. Of course she is the type the seems to dig themselves a deeper whole without that intention in their actions. A train wreck in a sense. But in the end she found something that made her realize a lot about herself.

Hadrian Graham: Hero, seemingly quirky and seemingly able to read the heroine like a book. A perfect fit for Holly I thought I thought their relationship was really cute if not a bit tragic at times.


Random Ramblings on characters:

I cant really say that I would pin point Holly side kicks, or Hadrian’s side kicks. Holly does have some friends and I liked seeing the interactions with Holly and them. But overall it seemed like the person she interacted with most was Hadrian.



Cute, entertaining and seemingly quick paced. I craved more after finishing and liked the ideas of the world that they lived in. Conceptually the wizard living along side is always a great read to me. Have yet to find one I don’t like.

Again with the Holiday

4/5 Bells