Looking back on the year

Some people usually start thinking about their new years resolutions. I instead decided to focus on my this years evolution. How have I changed, highlights of my year, memories to always keep.

The start of this year marked a year plus since I had gotten my diploma, but a period of time I didnt have a job as well. This last week I celebrated two years since my diploma.

January was not very eventful that I can recall, I joined again for the 100+ book challenge, telling myself Id do more reviews. Which I failed, but thats ok. Im still not sure how I should do reviews anyways. I wanted and tried to do fancy indepth things. But perhaps thats not me. I love reading, I love worlds, I love creativity. So I think Ill try and focus on that more if I do more reviews.

Feb I got a job, it was a happy sorta time. It wasnt a difficult job but it wasnt the greatest one either. In my mind not much room to evolve or change. Im still technically employed with it, despite the fact that I have had no work since oct, and wont until feb.

March was marked by me really trying to get in the groove of the job and getting a book I still HAVE NOT READ. I had Sakuracon right before April, when I left for Alaska for three weeks for work. My job was and is a LOT of travel.

I see looking back I tried to post atleast once a month. Perhaps I will try and continue that but give it some change. Maybe take up different authors and talk about them and the books I love of theirs. I did that a bit talking about Tamora Pierce, or perhaps Ill focus on their worlds. Or the evolution and change of their books to different formats. Maybe Im not good at reviews, but it doesnt mean that I cant fangirl over things. I think Ill also add some anime and manga to it.

Looking back I see that I am me. I will always be me. So please those that do read, stick with Randomly me a while longer. Im looking forward to seeing how I evolve. I may never be a popular or well known book blogger, but I look forward to writing about what I love. And yes that means Im working on my own worlds.


The old year is slowly coming to a close.

New year, new days

Keep your heart and your hope on your sleeve

Dont let the negatives

Destroy the positives

And instead seek your own balance

Help those that need

Whether they ask or not

For the sake of simply doing good

Lets ring the year with hope and love

No matter what

And stand for what we want in life

Equality, Love, Hope, Family, and Time



As always Ill be randomly me 😀


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