Oopsie August and update on Freda’s Voice challenge

I lost track of time, and lost track of my password. A change later and here I am. School has been beating my butt but Im getting good grades. Hopefully by December Ill be able to announce the fact Im graduating. Just got one more quarter of cwp and I get my highschool diploma from the college. 


Ive already completed Freda’s Voice 100+ book challenge but I desire and em going to continue to report my books till the end of the year. Over the month Ive read quiet a few I feel. Im now 20 away from 200

Books read and Date Finished

NSFC=Adult content not safe for children

CF= Children friendly(my opinion, no AC)

PB= Paperback


The Alpha’s Reluctant Mate by Francis Ashe (NSFC!!!) Finished right as the new year started

Bayou Noel by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright(NSFC) Finished 2am on Jan 1

To Catch her Death by Boone Brux, Finished Jan 2  -Reviewed-

Forever As One(PB nordic pack) by Jackie Ivie, Finished Jan 2 -Reviewed-

Wants of an Incubus by Ashley Hill (NSFC!!) Finishes Jan 3

Shutdown by Laurell K. Hamilton(Not for sale anymore) Finished Jan 3

Semper Fi by Laura B. Cooper (NSFC) Finished Jan 3

A demon at my door by Michelle A. Valentine (NSFC) Finished Jan 3

Heart of a Dragon by Gena Showalter (NSFC) Finished Jan 5th

Jewel of Atlantis by Gena Showalter (NSFC) Finished Jan 5


The Nymph King by Gena Showalter (NSFC) Finished Jan 6

A touch of midnight by Lara Adrian (NSFC) Finished Jan 7

Running Mate by Jaci Burton (NSFC) Finished Jan 7

Violet Lust by Ashely Spector (NSFC) Finished Jan 8

Haunted on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase (NSFC) Finished Jan 9

Witches on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase (NSFC) Finished Jan 10

Demons on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase (NSFC) Finished Jan 11

Angels on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase (NSFC) Finished Jan 12

Alpha Speed dating by Susan Arden (NSFC) Finished Jan 13

Planet Mail by Kate Pearce (NSFC) Finished Jan 13


Chained for the Alpha Part 1 by Audrey Nash (NSFC) Finished Jan 14

The Fat Cat by Edie Ramer, Finished Jan 15

6.19 per witching hour by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Past the Witching hour by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

The Tenth Dark Lord a’Leaping by Angie Fox

The Dara Nicholas series 1 by Marata Eros

The Billionaire Wins the game By Melody Anne

Wicked End by Bella Jenisse(NSFC!!!) Finished Jan 27th

The Tycoon’s Revenge by Melody Anne

Beauty and the Feast by J.R. Barrett


Legal Affairs- Objection by Sawyer Bennet

Impact by Cassandra Carr

An Arrangement of Love by Kenya Wright

Club Dishabille by Arden Aoide

Getting Scrooged by Eden Bradley

Not so Tiny Tim by Robin L. Rotham

Marley in Chains by R.G. Alexander

Beauty Tames the Beasts by Roxxy Meyer

Crazy for Cupid by JT Shultz

Billionaire Novelist Complete series by Mimi Strong


In the bedroom with the Rope 1 by Jenna McCormick

Holly and her Naughty eReader by Julianne Spencer

Elizabeth’s Bondage by Nikki Sex

Hot For Teacher #1 by Nathan Stratton

The Wolf Ring by Meg Harris

WOLF PROTECTOR by Milly Taiden

WHY THESE TWO by Jackie Ivie

DEATH TIMES TWO by C.J. Ellisson and Boone Brux

HUNTER’S BLOOD by Marianne Morea



DRAGON’S HONOR by Mina Carter





SHOULD THERE BE by Jackie Ivie

ANYONE HERE by Jackie Ivie

WITH JUST CAUSE by Jackie Ivie

CANNOT UNITE by Jackie Ivie

LET THEM SPEAK by Jackie Ivie

NOW OR FOREVER by Jackie Ivie



DO YOU TAKE by Jackie Ivie

Around the world in 80 men 1-10


The Ghostwriter book 1 by Jacqueline Sweet

Poisoned (Snow White vol 1) by Katherine Pine

A different kind of Fairy tale (spring towers) by Morgan Rayne

Cliffhangers (The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Book One) by Andy Saunders

Slayer’s Kiss: The Shadow Slayer by Cassi Carver

Sucking in San Francisco by Jessica McBrayer

How (Not) to Kiss a Were Bear(Cindy Eller#6/Goldie Locke#4)by Elizabeth A Reeaves

Their Virgin Concubine by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

THIS VAMPIRE AS by Jackie Ivie

Hook’s Pan by Marie Hall


Shadows of Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase

Claimed by the Alphas(part one) by Viola Rivard

Loving a Fairy Godmother by Danielle Monsch

Claimed by the Alphas(Part Two) by Viola Rivard

Hands-On Therapy by TL Watson

Sold to the Sheikh by Chloe Cox

Packed Turned by Alex Anders

The Best Man by Ella Ardent

A Double Dose of Billionaire(part one) by Rachel Ellis

Private Air by Billie Bates


His Wicked Games by Ember Casey

Vampires, Love Potions and Other Immortals by Susan G. Charles

Temporary Arrangement by Karen Erickson

The Bad Boy Billionaire’s Wicked Arrangement by Maya Rodale

Suddenly a Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin

The Stipulation by M.L. Young

Taken by the Wolf (Part one) by Jessica Ryan

Operation Wedding Crash by Sandra Sookoo


Threesome: Take Me, Too By Leah Ridgewood

Accidentally Flirting with the CEO by Shadonna Richards

Me And My Ghoulfriends by Rose Pressey

Like A Fox by Celia Kyle

He Ain’t Lion by Celia Kyle

His to Dominate by Christa Wick

Billionaire’s Pet#1 by Christa Wick

Curves for Two by Christa Wick

Wolf Curves by Christa Wick

Indigo Spell by Rachel Carrington


Apollo’s Gift by Sandy L. Rowland

Hit and Run(Silver Fangs Part 1) by Corinna Skye

Punished At The Platinum Society by Alicia Roberts

Bound to the Alpha (part one) by Viola Rivard

The Mating Chase by Bonnie Vanak

Alpha Lust (part one) by Ashley Spect

Desired by the Pack (part one) by Emma Storm

Gerard’s Beauty by Marie Hall

Red and Her Wolf by Marie Hall

Lover Unleashed by J.R.Ward


Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward

Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward

Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Destiny Entwined by Nadia Lee(Removed from Amazon as far as I can see)

A Charming Crime by Tonya Kappes


Beneath the Boss (book one) by Lydia Rowan

Evelyn (The Dollhouse Society) by Eden Myles

Bound to Seduction by Elisabeth Naughton

Slave to Passion by Elisabeth Naughton

Possessed by Desire by Elisabeth Naughton

Falling for the Alphas (part one) by Cassie Wright

Erotic Duel (seduction game) by Natalia Mead

Claimed by the Alpha: The Cull Claimed by Renee George

Boom! Listen to your heart by Roxanne Rogerson

No Place I’d Rather be by Roxanne Rhoads


Here Comes the Bride by Rita Herron

Delicate Freakn’ Flower by Eve Langlais

Wickedest Witch by Eve Langlais

Serving the Billionaire (book one) by Bec Linder

Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

A Moment on the Lips by Jacqueline Sweet

Ravaged by the pack(Alpha’s Mate) by Ellen Waite

Tiger Billionaire’s Virgin Lover by Michelle Lynn

The Love Handles Club by Liv Morris

Breeding Cycle by T.A. Grey


Tempt Me by Isabel Morin

Red and Wolfe(part one) by Ella James

Claimed by the Elven King(Part one) by Cristina Rayne

The Alpha’s Mate by Eve Adrian

Merciless by Lara Adrian

Soulless by Donna Grant

Shameless by Laura Wright

Ruthless by Alexandra Ivy

Invitation to the Platinum Society by Alicia Roberts

A Demon and His Witch by Eve Langlais


Hidden (Clan of the werebear, Book One) by Madison Johns

Wolf’s Haven by Ambrielle Kirk

Better off Dead by H.P. Mallory

The Witch who cried Wolf by Sarah Makela

Lavender Vows by Colleen Gleason

Accidental Leigh by Melanie James

Burned by Amber Kallyn

A Forever Mate by Jackie Ivie

To Have by Jackie Ivie

And To Hold by Jackie Ivie


Two Men for Melanie by Nicole Stewart

Born by Jenna McCormick

Bred by Jenna McCormick

Charming the Alpha by Liliana Rhodes

Lost Alpha by Jessica Ryan

The Alpha’s Search by Natalie Shaw

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

After You by Ophelia Bell

Flown by the Billionaire by Carla Davis

Emerald Green by Desiree Holt