Considerings and Plottings

I am currently working on trying to sort out the worlds that form in my mind. Each book(series) always seems to be so much larger then Id normally imagine. A small scene evolves into a wold of complex history. I use old ideas and mix new ideas. I love each of the worlds, I could not imagine NOT doing something that lets the world be fleshed out. Problem is that I cant imagine how to flesh it out to its fullest.

My problem is too much imagination, lack of drive, character personality issues, males, unable to write romance scenes(so far), things take a life of their own and overwhelmed by the sheer mass of the world that spawns.

My good points. Imagination is great, I can make kick ass females, Histories for characters form on their own most the time. The worlds are great places. Either flows well, or really detailed. Im good with details(although they get draggy). Easily think of new stories.

I need to work on balancing the two sides. I just really need someone to give me a push every now and then I guess. I also need to figure what my writing genre.



Im twenty three officially now since its past my b-day hour. And although there is minuets until the 21 its still 20th for me. Not exactly what Id usually put up but hey I want to. Considering posting up a tid bit of a few of my books. not that I have any followers but at least there would be a chance to get some feed back.

Working on more then I can probably handle

So even though I adore my Belladonna, and I have so many other heroines waiting for me to dig my hands back in. It came to my attention that some place was looking for stories. Including paranormal/fantasy. And I am currently trying my hand at writing/chronololizing a world for that. I can really hope cant I. At the very least Ill get some feedback. I adore the world Im writing, its different then my usual. The Heroine might end up my steryotypical gal though. Havnt really written her out just yet.

I love naming my heroines, and this time she came up with her own name Justice. Her history is a bit more torn then most of the ladies I write. But she is just as ass kicking. Even if she prefers potions to punches. I havnt quiet figure the hero yet. Right off your introduced to a no named fellow who could be but who knows. Justice is a hard thing to pin down.

My first blog


You can find the art on deviantart Im sukokitsune to whom the thing was drawn for.

I figure for my first blog post Id write what I want. Like I will for all my others. Im a writer, a just restarted attempting artist, a Knitter, I like to sew.

Above all Im a Reader, I love to read more then I like to write. Because Im a wee bit lazy. But the lazy above is my budding Princess Belladonna, of one of my latest novels. To be honest I never expected to get the feeling I do when I work on her world. I was busy in one of my self mental rps when I opened the doc with her story. And I got enthralled, hitting to the place I stopped I couldn’t believe I hadn’t written more.

When I was working on editing it recently I got to the end and went ‘where is the rest’ and realized I hadnt written it yet.

Usually my books are pretty kid friendly, but this one I feel isnt going to be much of that.

Belladonna is the heroine of a yet un named novel. Her world is one that mixes technology/magic in the represented theme of Renaissance/Bronze age(?). A simple time with a harmony of magic/science. Guns and skyscrapers exist, but they are few and far between.

Belladonna is the tenth princess of her nation and well loved by her people because she is a People Princess. Forgoing the glamor and high teas her sisters enjoy she focuses on learning the land and the habits of the people.

In the novel she is tossed from her usual home and kidnapped by pirates before being sold to the princes of a rival kingdom.

The little backer Id have for this would be the below
‘Betrayal, plots, a feud, and five attractive Princes desiring for their ‘pet’ How will the fair Belladonna survive in a land where she is a Princess in pride no more then a slave in title.’

Anyways I figure Id take my time to write about my heroins, the possible hero(s) of each. And above all spread the love of amusements. I suppose you could say, this is my character/writing blog. Best of luck to me?