Kumoricon 2013





I just had to include that pic this time.


Yes in less then a week Im going to be at Kcon not that too many people probably care. People dont seem too interested in what I have to say. Which is again fine because Im doing this for myself not to please others. Hell no one knows I have this blog out of the people I know.


I wish I could say I got cosplays to wear and do fab with. But I dont. And the camera I had broke so Ill be relying on friends to take pics of what I do wear. Because as much as me wants to stay mysterious. I also love to be a show off some times. And what better time then con to straighten my spine and flaunt my happiness. There isnt any other time Im going to get to wear my corsets and floor length gowns. I love pretty things, but rarely have the chance to wear them.


Im bringing more stuff or at least more bags then usual this time. I got a bag for my shoes(only four pairs in it), my carry on suitcase of close/misc, my laptop bag and my Minion bag that I got as a Katie MacAlister minion. 😀 its a pretty great bag that I put my hair stuff in. And possibly a purse Ill bring. And a ton of sweets and food.


Last post I was working on carving and dehydrating jerky. Well I still em, finally finished the third slab of meat. Carving the fat off and cutting it to size. The last of the second slab is in the dehydrator right now. Im going to ziplock the stuff I intend to bring with me and toss it in my food bag.


I got my con staples, candy bars and gum. As well as new things. Like a bag of Werthers Caramels. I grabbed these because Ive wanted them lately. Mostly because they always remind me of good times during sad times. My grandfather used to give us them when we visited him at the hospital before he died. I can always remember the taste of them and it makes me feel his love. I got a box of poptarts for emergencie morning food.


So much to do at con but Im also working it! I met a lady that will be at con this weekend when I was at Walmart yesterday-ish.


Im spending most of the con I can with friends though. I got a gaggle of them Im sharing rooms with for con. So I have a place to sleep. It should be a blast. I have plans to try some new drinks. And the Sake tasting panel!!


Anyways Ive rambled long enough Im sure.


Talk to you Next time







New site stuffs and layout and what not

So boredom = randomness. I figured I was done for a week after I posted exactly a week after my last. But then I was looking through wordpress and decided I wanted a different theme. And after wandering through themes I found Mystique by digitalnature. But I wasnt happy with what it defaulted. So I started playing with it. And tried to decide which of my pictures I wanted as a background. I wanted it to be at least somewhat visible on the side. I might actually crop the current picture so it is a bit more. All pictures used for backgrounds hopefully will belong to me. Unless its a in general pic that I found online. Likely though it will be one of mine. No I am not the artist of the pictures, I however am the one who requested them. So the image is mine by creative influence?


On top of the random change. Im deep into beef jerky making territory right now for con. But its hard not to eat it all. . . . mmmm home made jerky. Family recipe thats pretty simple.



Type To you Next Time (TTYNT)

I go to anime cons in the north west

Yep you read that right. I like anime, then again I like most conventions. Ive been to a steam punk/fantasy one before as well. Ever con is different, because they are usually ran by different people.


I started going to conventions back in 07, my first experience was the last day of Kumoricon 07. I had to have someone signed as my adult because children were not allowed to attend without an attending adult. Event though I was 17 at the time.


My first time with a full con was Sakuracon 08, a few days shy of my 18 birthday. So attending adult and off the area before 1am. Since I was still a minor. I was not happy with this. But in the end it is what it is. This was the first year I volunteered at a con. I assisted with counting ballets for the AMV contest. And there was sooo many of them. But very fun.


Kumoricon 08 was my first time of complete freedom. I was an attending with huge ideas. But in the end I spent most of my time just doing nothing. XD I tried some ballroom dancing but didnt go to the dance. Also the first time I did the whole rave thing(a anime rave is WAY different then a normal rave. At least from what Ive seen. Never been to a normal one).


Sakuracon 2009 was my first year staffing Sakuracon. I was just shy of 19 but still wanting to do my best. I was overly inspired and thus started my over the top and at times annoying con personality. Even though I was staff I spent a lot of time just doing nothing.


Kumorcon 2010 was my first time staffing Kumoricon. I worked in making sure that people who staffed the con were taken care of. Staff Preservation if I must put a word to it. I greatly enjoyed it and spent time not going around in sitting with the other staffers.


Sakuracon 2010, I think I was shy of 20 at this time. But very exciting. The pervious thing I had done had changed and I was asked to choose something else. It was my first year doing peacebonding. Helping to keep the con a safe place(which meant no hollowed out gernades) this was a year of mistakes and near heartattacks but a very satisfying year.


Kumoricon 2010 I was of course 20 by then, I worked staff preservation I think, Hmm got my first taste of helping yoji because Staff pres had too many people I think.


Sakuracon 2011 I was 21 swoot, I tried a little fruity drink. But didnt like it. Worked peacebonding again. LOVED it. I think this was the year I tried to cosplay Fem Edward Elric. . . someone caught a picture of me unconscious *cough* I didnt know Id fallen asleep.


Kumoricon 2011 I was sad that they didnt hold a Sake Tasting panel, because in previous years I was intersted but not of age. I was again helping to keep the Staff hydrated. This year I got to do more work though!!


Sakuracon 2012 I was 21 again. I adored this little fact. 21 for two Sakuracons. It was a sweet thing to me. It was my first year being Assistant Coordinator for Peacebonding. Very eye opening for me.


Kumoricon 2012 again staff preservation. Although I felt like I didnt do all I could. This was last year and I found myself making some friends. And enjoying my con time. I had people to hang with so less free time, which meant I wasnt in the staff food room helping as much as I used to. Because I felt guilty I decided against doing food next year(aka this year, in less then a week).


Sakuracon 2013 22 for the first time for Sakuracon. Exciting year, although Ill admit I was a bitch to my higher ups when I thought they had chosen someone with less experience to be in charge of peacebonding. It greatly saddened me. But upon going to a meeting I realized who the new coordinator was and I looked forward to con!!. she was a great Coordinator and I couldnt of had a better experience. Minus one time being asked to tone myself down and not disrespect the higher ups. I got too excited.


And now to Kumoricon 2013. I am 23 and I am panicking to figure what to bring and what not to. I have some lovely dresses and some great friends. This year I will be Yoji and help with panels. Although I have a feeling Im going to end up helping with Food. Just because its too damn desirable. I may do food for Sakuracon at this rate.


Im considering posting con pics to this. To show my experience as well as my outfits. I want to try and do something with this blog that maybe will catch some new friends eyes. After all cant blogs help likes find likes. So now Im all wound down. Im sure next week Ill be spamming this with information. Or maybe Ill just post more soon.


And Ive done more, such as MewCon, but. . . I feel sad typing that out since its a con thats been retired.



Later Taters, Im out


Been a while. Not that too many people probably read what I say. XD Ive been doing a lot of considering, from last to now. And I do realize I’m a terrible blogger, I was the same with my tumblr, and with how I now em with my dA account. I was never any good with a journal either. Oh lordies I was so terrible at keeping a journal. I love to collect them though. Neat and unique writing books I cant resist.


Lately Ive gotten my hand on an sd card and a camera that works. I took a bunch of pictures earlier of my wigs and such. I love my wigs. Apparently I look good with pink or blue hair XD my natural brown isn’t bad either but I’m not getting a brunette wig.


Havnt worked on my books lately. But I have been reading a lot. Books and blogs. I actually read something that made me realize why editors are needed. As well as made me realize Im probably an editors worst nightmare. Seeing as rereading my own book is deciphering a code to myself. Id feel bad for the person who has to edit my books.


I have gotten the urge to continue my magical one with Belledonna. And a bit towards my Game book with my lovely guild characters. Considering restarting it though. Thinking out too much makes me stop and lose interest and then the next idea appears. I mean I’m sure I could work on more then one book at a time but. . .my brain bounces so much.


Editors are translators for writers. Another thing I realized. I mean I have had and ran a few rp forums. And I always needed a co admin to help make sure others understood me because I wasn’t quiet capable of being easily understood. I love making things interesting but always a little over the top.


Anyways just thought Id put up a new blog. Maybe considering trying to do it once a week or or thrice maybe.


Till Next Time. Or TNT